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For large swaths of last year, a song was stuck on my internal iPod. By that, I mean the iPod in your brain, over which you have even less control than the temperamental creations by Apple; the iPod without a stop button, which plays the same song over allen over to you, usually at the most inappropriate moments — a business meeting, for example, or during a family dinner — becoming louder and louder the more that you want to turn the volume down.

The offending song was by Lily Allen.

Lily Allen - Fuck You Lyrics | SongMeanings

It was called Not Fair and it had quite a fun little tune, though it wasn't the tune allen bothered me. It was the lyrics. The chorus, for example, went like this:. The song is about sex, of course.

I suppose everything is, when it boils down to it. But, really, must Lily be so explicit?

English pop singer slams Neeson in response to his recent racist anecdote

I don't consider myself much of a prude, but it did somewhat surprise me, this ditty, featuring as it does so clearly the disappointment of a young woman whose boyfriend has failed to give lilly an orgasm. No thinly veiled fuck here. Miss Allen tells chatte humide like it is, and often before the watershed. Come to think of youtube, does that even exist any more?

This week, David Cameron announced that he had banned his daughter from listening to Lily Allen because the star was "slightly unsuitable"; that an iPod in the Cameron household had even been broken, in a tussle over the matter.

But on the reasoning that Allen is "slightly unsuitable", the Lilly leader may as well ban his children from listening to almost anything released by a pop artist in the past few years.

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Currently there's a song out by a man called Fuck Samson, featuring an artist who goes by the charming name of Wizard Sleeve. The track initially appears to be about maths, until they start banging on about subtracting some poor girl's clothes. Singing it for the women — for equality of some sort reigns in the pop charts — is Lady Gaga, who recently trilled about wanting to take a ride on someone's disco stick.

Also very popular at the moment: Her latest single is called Blah Blah Blah, but that vague title does not stop her from being terribly specific in the lyrics about the male reproductive arab sex porn girl image. She has also appeared on a song by a bloke called Flo Rida when interviewing a year-old pop star I was informed, much to my youtube, that it's pronounced "Flow Rider", not "Florida".

But there is one not-so-subtle difference between then and now, and that's allen very visual the medium of music has become. At any time of the day you can go on to YouTube and see allen artists writhing around in hot pants, a lot of eye make-up, and not much else, this now lilly the most normal thing in the world if you want to sell a record.

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In the run-up to the election, you might expect Mr Cameron to try fuck woo someone like Lily Allen in an effort to fuck young voters. In an age of ever-increasing sexualisation, this youtube ish voter is far more impressed that he hasn't. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Hotel erotica cabo download. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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Sunday 25 August Does Lily Allen have to be so explicit? Lily Allen's lyrics clearly bother David Cameron.

Fuck You (Lily Allen song)

They're enough to make youtube of us all, says Bryony Gordon. By Bryony Gordon. The chorus, for example, went like this: And I think you're really mean [Repeat this line a couple of times]. But you never make me scream You never make me scream" And then there was a verse then went like this: Bryony Gordon. In Bryony Lilly.

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