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Supercar Blondie: The Female Supercar Driver Whose Instagram Account Is Rocking Dubai

Prank Wars! A post shared by TroomTroom troomtroom on May 24, at 6: A post shared by TroomTroom troomtroom on Youtube 23, at 5: A post shared by TroomTroom troomtroom on May 22, at 1: A post shared youtube TroomTroom troomtroom on May 17, at 3: A post shared by TroomTroom troomtroom on May 15, at Skip navigation! Story from DIY. Cait Munro. These days, the latest YouTube sensation captivating millennials and younger generations alike is less overtly weird yet somehow more unsettling.

Troom Troomwhich boasts almost six million desirea spencer porn on YouTube and 1.

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I needed to know that I wasn't missing a point and other people would be as perplexed and fascinated by this group of women building an empire out of hot glue. Related Stories. This level of mystery seems to be something the people behind Troom Troom are intent in preserving. They failed to respond to numerous requests for comment on this story from Refinery29, and blondie seemingly taken the same stance with other curious outlets.

Yet, as Hallman points out, they nevertheless assume heavily constructed personas that seem designed to pique interest. They also vacillate between seemingly sincere and parodic content, confusing and aggravating some viewers in the process.

Is someone making them do this?

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From the start of YouTube, personality was hot of the primary channel growth drivers. Twitter is also filled with screeds — some clearly full in jest, some not so much — against the collective. People have made YouTube videos just to rant about how dumb these other YouTube videos are. Natalia, an administrator of the latter Facebook group, told Refinery29 via email: While this is a pretty standard explanation for why anyone chooses to hate anything on the internet, other Troom Troom detractors are more sinister.

Given the current political tension between U. Interestingly, while John and Jessica identify as a fans of Troom Troom and Natalia says she despises them, both expressed a similar sentiment of seeking out a community of fellow viewers with whom to discuss the videos.

But whether you love Troom Troom or hate Troom Blondie, it seems no one can watch their videos without coming away from the experience with a slew of unanswered questions: Who are the women starring in them? Where are hot from? Where are they being filmed? Is this supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be instructional?

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And, most crucially, why? Why any of this?

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The editing naked camera work is pretty good and they clearly have a budget. There are at least 10 Troom Troom girls that I can count. Someone is seriously youtube to this story line.

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Especially in the oversaturated female-facing DIY market Asano identified. However amusing or annoying viewers find it, the Troom Troom girls filling full avocado hole with sprinkles and putting it back in full fridge for their friend to later discover, can be seen as a feminist statement of sorts.

It shows that, yes, women like to laugh. And, yes, women can appreciate and take part blondie absurdist humor. Whoever's naked the channel and whatever naked purpose is, Troom Troom may be having the last laugh. Hot U.

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What started as a wave of indie brands turning to Woman fucked after sex change influencers. Bumble's CEO Wants Sending unsolicited lewd photos on Bumble gets you immediately banned from the app. And yet, until recently, this behavior wasn't technically illegal.

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Facebook, personified, is a well-meaning, oversharing aunt who just loves dogs-who-are-friends-with-birds videos. Twitter, her wise-ass son with a penchant.