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Cinephiles, take note: In the opening police raid, look for the face of the always-interesting American actor Norman Reedus, playing a cop who finds the final murdered child. Beverly Center Chuck Wilson. The 10 powerful explosions had targeted government and business landmarks and were acts of retaliation for a wave of anti-Muslim violence by Hindu nationalists a few months earlier.

One edge the cops had was that the bombings had been arranged not young Muslim fundamentalists but by an outlaw faction they understood a bit better: Muslim gangsters.

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An established smuggler and money launderer with connections in Pakistan, the mobster Tiger Memon Pavan Malhotra was equipped to organize the attacks with professional young. Writer-director Anurag Kashyap has made only one other movie, the critically admired crime drama Paanchbut he has worked as a screenwriter for both Ram Gopal Varma Satya and Mani Ratnam Yuvaand there is impressive craftsmanship in his set pieces, such as a foot chase through the Bombay slums that goes on and on until both the suspect and his pursuers are on the verge of collapse.

But the movie would be all crisp surfaces without the internal combustion of Menon, as a man who bears down on familiar procedures in order to avoid being overwhelmed by his emotions. Naz 8 David Chute. The oldest of three emotionally neglected trust-fund kids, Steve is bitter and mean and always in trouble, but rich enough to land in psych hospitals and not in the state pen. I must confess that I got up to leave before the end, but found myself hanging back by the door, not quite able to tear my eyes away, as carnage will do when coming upon highway carnage.

Sunset 5 Chuck Wilson. Far from a computer-generated escapist fantasy, this film is an unpretentious and touching tale of preteen companionship and loss. Terabithia is the story of fifth-grade loner Jess Aarons Josh Hutcherson teens, whose sensitive, artistic temperament isolates him from the towheaded bullies at school and his hardheaded father at home.

Liberation from solitude comes in the form of sprightly Leslie AnnaSophia Robbwhose flair for fiction and exaggerated anime cuteness bring Jess out of his shell. The pair form a bond based on a made-up world located in the woods behind their homes.

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Director Gabor Csupo, of Rugrats fame, brings out nuanced performances from both Hutcherson and Robb, whose characters steer clear of cutesy tween stereotypes. Citywide Jessica Grose. By the time the third story comes around, you may crave a shot of espresso to keep you carnage. Music Hall Scott Foundas. That old bitty can be annoying, but her brand of vim and vinegar is sorely missed in this sweet but dull romantic comedy.

If only their director would let them. Instead, Perry clutches tight to his message-heavy, family-friendly storytelling template, with Monty and Julia forever kissing chastely, then rushing out to a neighborhood watch meeting about those pesky drug dealers on anal corner.

He does, however, know a few things about teens sexual chemistry: Citywide Chuck Wilson. Days of Glory is as moving as it is ingenuous, with each doomed character young a different response to the collective dilemma these men face as Arabs with divided loyalties.

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Given their treatment, and the fact that the movie was made in part to shame the French government into restoring pensions it had cut when the former colony got its independence the ploy workedone has to wonder just how unalloyed Algerian loyalty could ever have been to its occupier. For the answer to that, look teens, and small naked young fuck, to The Battle of Algiers.

Royal Ella Taylor. Citywide Scott Foundas. Until, that is, the carnage some gauche, gap-toothed army deserters showed up and turned Mischa into mincemeat. The killings are numbingly brutal, though, with endless close-ups and sound effects of bloody bowels and flesh being ripped from bone.

And as played by French actor Gaspard Ulliel who seems to have learned his English from watching one too many Bela Lugosi moviesthis Hannibal is a stick-in-the-mud altogether lacking nude in the changeroom the wit, gourmet appetites and romantic flair required of any surrogate for Sir Anthony Hopkins. Food Food See all.


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