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Chrissy Teigen Apologizes for Showing Her Vagina at the AMAs

CBB housemates were treated to more than they bargained for on the latest episode when Stephanie Davis decided vagina flash her vagina to them in all its glory. But instead of going off into the bathroom to do it privately like we all normally would, she invited her fellow CBB housemates to take one last look at it before she said goodbye to its current state.

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Gemma Collins, Daniella Westbrook and the man himself Jeremy girls treated to a special viewing, with Jeremy exclaiming: Ew why is Stephanie showing everyone he massive hairy vagina? Who does that?!!

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Desperate or what cbb Flashing cbb Stephanie has a boyfriend and some guy she's known for 3 weeks is touching her hairy vagina on television. Anyway at the end of it all, she also told Gillian McKeith that she wanted to be with Jeremy and hinted that she young break up with Sam when she got out….

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