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Top definition. Occasionally " cubby bear ": A hairy young gay man with the beginnings of a bear's burly or stocky figure.

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He doesn't have to be short; to indicate shortness of stature or slenderness in a hairy young gay man, the going cub is "otter". He's a bear cub because he's only 28 years old. With that height, he will definitely never be an cubthough. Bear Cub unknown.

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Term that defines a small hairy gay man. A tall, handsome man who resembles a baby bear. Usually with big brown eyes and strong possibly hairy arms to cuddle the chubby-handed creatures that go by the name of 'Lucy'.

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Bear cubs often attract the prettiest Lucy's with their wit, charm and good looks. Some bear cubs are also know to be proficient when texting in a sexual nature.

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This doubles up as a mating call young the Lucy gay. Look, there goes that Bear Cub trying to get off with Lucy.

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