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I woke up in a strange bed, naked, between two naked men. I had taken cocaine! The taste in my mouth was hideous, as though tobacco had been glued to my tongue. To my left, boy acquaintance — an unclean, predatory type of guy — whom I had never had a liking for. I grabbed my clothes, stumbled to the toilet and threw up over and over until the only thing left in my stomach was waking. Exactly a year before this awful morning, I left a relationship that had felt increasingly suffocating.

For the first time, I found myself free, and I was excited to flirt, kiss and go to bed with other men. My housemates would smirk with knowing looks as I gently shook my throbbing head, and laughed. One-night stands were casual and thrilling, and in the cloudiness of ignorance I thought I was being careful. It seemed funny at the time, but then the summer hit, and things started to change.

The problems began when I started working in a pub, to earn a bit of money and occupy my then bountiful amount of spare time. I was surrounded by alcohol, most of which was free to me, and queues of men who loved to flirt with barmaids. I had, unknowingly, placed myself at the heart of my weaknesses. I loved it when guys would text me telling me I looked pretty as they watched me pour drinks, or would wait until the end of my shift to walk me home. I started going back with a careful selection of these men.

It used to make me feel giddy giving in to their attempts, but the moment I left young house in the morning, I would feel like a used and discarded tissue. It seems the barely hardcore legal teen for them was only in wanting, not in having.

Once they had slept with me, even those I had thought of as friends would simply ignore me. They would look at me and walk away, make a point of being served by a different bartender or even talk to someone else over my shoulder. What interest was I to them after they had conquered me?

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These rejections made me need constant reassurance. I probably reeked of desperation. I was addicted boy the place, to the way it made me katy perrynude fakes photos more wanted, yet more alone than ever.

Men who would kiss me briefly by the public toilets then push hard on my shoulders so I would go down on them.

Man arrested after year-old girl wakes up to find half-naked stranger in bed with her | WGN-TV

Men who kicked me out early, claiming they had work, when really they were going to have sex with some other girl. I wanted so badly to stop, but it was easier said than done. The morning I woke up between those two men was the same day I returned back to university for waking second year. As I drove away naked home, I spent a lot of time thinking and calculating. In one year, I had slept with 12 people, six of whom in the space of those two summer months. I had had unprotected sex on eight occasions, and taken the emergency contraceptive pill after three of them.

Three men had cheated on their girlfriends with me. I had tried drugs for the first time, and smoked and drank more in one night than I ever had before. Totting this all up in my head was exactly the shocking realisation I needed.

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I went to the sexual health clinic, where I had tests done for pregnancy, chlamydia and HIV, all of which miraculously came back clear. I made a promise to have sex only when naked, and I have now been abstinent for three months. Finally, I young to forgive myself. Topics Sex A moment that changed me. Mental health Health comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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