You fucked my sister now fuck me

I'll say it. I like to fuck. And sometimes it now me into unfortunate mya nichole volleyball. Like right now.

Right now I am royally fucking fucked. See, Fucked went to this big dinner party the other night, trying to stay out of trouble, but lo and be-fucking-hold, who's there but one of the fuckfiends from our sales team, wearing fuck-me pumps and this little green skirt.

So I fucked her. First time quick, sister time slow.

I Fucked My Way Into This Mess, And I'll Fuck My Way Out

And then I fucked her friend Michelle a great fuckand Michelle's boyfriend, Alec, and his in movie real teen Rina, who's a fucking Persian sex goddess.

Same bed, same night. Then it hits me: Rina is my boss's daughter, that fucking fuck Alec fucked my sister last year, and my damn wife told me last week that if I don't stop fucking other chicks she's going to "walk out that [fucking] door and never come back. But look, I'm not some two-bit fuck who fucks up and then expects some other fucknut to clean up his fucking mess. A man's got to take some responsibility or he'll never amount to shit. I fuck my way into this, and by God, I'll fuck my way out.

I'm so far the fuck up shit's creek, I can't see straight, but that's my own fucking problem. If I'm between a rock and a hard fuck, I'm going to choose the hard fuck every time. No regrets. I saw an out-of-this-fucking-world gorgeous piece of ass-meat, and I pounced like a fucking cougar.

You fucked my sister so fuck me now - Porn Video

Any fuckhead who thinks I should have fucking walked away is a fucking fucktard and I'll say it to his fucking face, the fuckface. But fuck if I know what to do next. If my mom were still alive, I'd cry on her fucking shoulder.

Man, I really stuck my fucking cock in it this time. I know a lot of fuckwads who wouldn't do fuck-all about this predicament, just fuck you for a while and wait for the whole thing to blow over. But you see, that's just not this motherfucker's style. What the fuck ever happened to accountability?

You fucked my sister so fuck me now

I can be fuck real fuck, sure, but I fucking finish what I start, and not just when I'm fucking. In the end, I only see now way out of this: Much more. An all-out, nuts-in-the-guts fuckfest. Yes, one sister and you're ass-first in a fucking genuine clusterfuck real fucking quick—but do I look like a green-eared sportfucker to you, fuckrod? Item Number Fuck on my agenda? Swoop home like a fuck-falcon you fuck my old lady like I love her. Keep fucking the skirt girl, plus hot-fuck Rina to keep that screamer quiet. At the end of the day, I don't really give a fuck.

These women can fuck me around, but they know not to take it too fucking far. You know why? Because you don't fuck with a fucker, that's why. And if you fuck with a fucker like me, you'll end up being the fuck that gets fucked. Simple as that.

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