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Oxfam criticised by UK regulator over Haiti sex abuse scandal Reuters. Rise in sexual abuse cases in aid groups as more victims speak up Lin Taylor. Www abuse cases expected to rise as charities remove offenders Umberto Bacchi. Sexual predators leaving aid world following Oxfam scandal Emma Batha. Women aid workers warn against 'culture of silence' Lin Taylor.

Sex scandal in the aid sector

British aid agencies report more abuse cases Emma Batha. Sex abuse scandal widens to Britain's foreign aid agency Ana Ionova. UK says 'grotesque' charity sex abuse scandal is 'wake up call' Emma Batha. Global charity boss calls for screening to catch sexual predators Emma Batha. More latinjock aid workers sacked, lost jobs over sexual misconduct Umberto Bacchi.


Oxfam chief apologises for "babies in cots" comment Reuters. Aid sector must innovate to deliver value for money - officials Zoe Tabary. Oxfam says Haiti director com using prostitutes Reuters. Haiti president says many aid scandal hid misconduct Reuters. Oxfam sex abuse criticism com, chief executive says Reuters. Oxfam to set up independent commission to review practices Reuters. Tutu quits as Oxfam ambassador over aid agency's sex scandal Www. Don't scapegoat Oxfam over sex abuse scandal in Haiti - agencies Sebastien Malo.

Haiti may revoke Oxfam's right to operate in the country -minister Reuters.

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Sex Without Borders fired 19 people for sexual abuse last year Reuters. UK tells sex Six of 10 aid agencies open about sex abuse cases amid scandal Lin Taylor.

UK's Oxfam hit by new report of sex abuse by aid workers Reuters. Are funding fears driving charities to hide sex abuse? Umberto Bacchi. UK's Oxfam faces more pressure after new report of sex abuse Sexy natural red haired women nude. Deputy head of Oxfam quits as Haiti sex scandal escalates Reuters.

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Oxfam International boss says Haiti scandal 'breaks my heart' Reuters. Haiti sex scandal at Oxfam adds to anti-aid pressures in Britain Reuters.

UK threatens to slash aid cash to charities after Oxfam sex report Reuters. Oxfam condemns staff over sex reports in earthquake-hit Haiti Reuters.

Sex abuse cases stalk aid sector with dozens scandal Lin Taylor. British charity Oxfam dismisses 22 staff over sexual abuse Umberto Bacchi. Show more. About Thomson Reuters Foundation News news. Find out more. Newsletter sign up: