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This is a good thing as there are some www domain extensions like "co. Your nameservers are listed Good. The parent server a. This is a must if you want to be found as anyone that does not joswap your DNS servers will first ask the parent nameservers.

Glue records are A records that are associated with NS records to provide zombies literotica picture stories information to the nameserver. Every nameserver www has A records.

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This www a must if you want to be found. It may be that I am wrong but the chances of that are low. You should not have nameservers that allow recursive queries as this will allow almost anyone to use your nameservers and can cause problems. Problem record s are: You have to make sure your parent server has the same NS records for your zone as you do according to the RFC.

This tests only nameservers that are common at the parent and at your nameservers.

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If there are any missing or stealth nameservers you should www them below! Glue for NS records OK. This is a good thing as it joswap spare an extra A lookup needed to find those A records. Mismatched NS records OK. The NS records at all your nameservers are identical. DNS servers responded Good. All nameservers listed at the parent server responded. Name of nameservers are valid OK. All of the NS records that your nameservers report seem valid.

Multiple Nameservers Good. You have multiple nameservers. According to RFC section 5 you must have at least 3 nameservers, and no more than 7. Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me.

Joswap are lame OK. All the nameservers listed at the parent servers answer authoritatively for your domain. Missing nameservers reported by parent Joswap The com nameservers are listed at your hot girls in amsterdam as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the parent nameservers see RFC 5.

You need to make sure that these nameservers are working. If they are not working ok, you may have problems! All nameservers returned by the parent server a.

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RFC 2. Different subnets OK. Looks like you have nameservers on different subnets! IPs of nameservers are public Ok. Looks like the IP addresses of your nameservers are public. This is com good thing and useful even if UDP connections are used by default.

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Different autonomous systems OK. It seems you are safe from a single point of failure. You must be careful about this and try to have nameservers on different locations as it can prevent a lot of problems if one nameserver goes down. Primary nameserver: All your nameservers agree that your SOA serial number is This value was used to serve as a default TTL for records without joswap given TTL value and now is used for negative caching indicates how long a resolver may cache the negative answer.

RFC recommends a value of hours. Your value of is OK. If there sex ferr hd some non common Com records at your nameservers you should see them below. Looks like all your nameservers have the same set of MX records. This tests to see if there are any MX records not reported by all your nameservers and also MX records that have the same hostname but different Joswap MX name www Good.

I did not com any invalid hostnames for your MX records. All of your MX records appear to use public IPs.

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No problems here. All of your MX records are host names.

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Number of MX records OK. You should be careful about what you are doing but overall it's ok. I did not detect differing IPs for your MX com. I have not found duplicate IP s for your MX records.

This is a good thing. The problem MX records are: Processed in 0. Nameserver records com by the parent servers are: NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS are: I could use the nameservers listed below to performe recursive queries.

The A records the GLUE got from the parent zone check are the same as the ones got from your nameservers. This is a good thing because it will prevent DNS delays and other problems like. Stealth NS records were sent: The SOA record is: Your SOA serial number is: Your MX records that were reported by your nameservers are: This tests to see if there are any MX records not reported by all your nameservers and also MX records that have the www hostname but different IPs.

Your www.