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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jonathan Leibson, Getty Images. Eve Torres is stocking engineer-turned-professional wrestler whose talents include solving Sex Cubes, weathering broken noses, and applying her own fake lashes. Still, the WWE Divas champ found herself vulnerable when a group of guys ganged up on her at a gas station while she was on the road solo. She's since learned to protect herself divas Jiu-Jitsu-based techniques and is sharing her self-defense tips to help keep you safe. Embrace Girl Power.

It means girls can kick butt!

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Brigitte Sporrer, Getty Images. Know Your Enemy. We need to understand our predators. Jan Mammey, Getty Images. Don't Phone It In.

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Look over your shoulder. Get off your phone. Getty Images Getty Images. Help a Sister Out. Atsushi Yamada, Getty Images. Shout It Out. The second you feel unsafe, put up your hands and say 'Stop! Scream, Kick, Punch. Anything you can wwe to cause a scene.

A predator will want to isolate you and get you to the ground divas a surface. Anything you can do to avoid that and get home is great. Chris Haston, NBC. This is something to sex learn in self-defense training: Conserve your energy and you let them exhaust theirs.

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When they shift from focusing energy on subduing you to wwe a sexual assault, the second they start to loosen up, act on your escape opportunity right away. WWE, Inc. Go on the Offensive. One of the most powerful positions we teach stocking naked girls feet dancing choke a man when he's between your legs. You can render him unconscious.

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