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Sex sells but it also gets people pretty worked up over things like morals and decency. Some of these covers have gone on to become iconic. Others made a splash and then faded quickly. Regardless, they were all earned their spot on this list of the sexiest magazine covers of all time. Vanity Fair Release Date: March Photographer: Annie Leibovitz. It has such a lovely old Hollywood glamour about it. Rolling Stone Release Date: April 19, Photographer: Matthew Rolston. June 11, Photographer: David LaChapelle.

I felt this cover succeeded on many levels. She looked sexy asian nude hotties she also stayed true to her bizarre persona. July 8, Photographer: Terry Richardson. W Release Date: November Photographer: Mark Seliger.

I am not a Kim Kardashian world. This cover was beautiful and classy. It showed Kim looking so confident and strong. I dislike the woman but I love this cover. March 7, Photographer: She was charming, funny and she had terrific hair.

This photo is just so sweet and charming. This photo remains one of my favorite Jennifer Aniston photos of all time and this cover is not just one of the sexiest nude magazine covers of all time but is also one of my favorite magazine covers of all time. GQ Release Date: January Photographer: Michael Thompson. She looked absolutely incredible.

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While the cover did cause a little bit of controversy at the time, it was short lived and before long, we were just left with the photo and one of the sexiest nude magazine covers of all time, making Aniston one of only three celebrities to have more than one cover on this list and the only celebrity to have two covers on the list this more than a year apart.

September Sexest Patrick Demarchelier. This photo is, to me anyway, the definition of what sexy is. Everything about it is stunning. Definitely one of the sexiest nude magazine covers of all time. August Photographer: There are many things I love about this photo.

I suppose more than anything though, I love that Demi was fearless enough to pose for this photo. While ladies of this photo have become common to the point of being cliche, Demi really was the pioneer of the trend.

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She did it first and, in my humble opinion, she did it best. For me, the real appeal of this cover was the fact that Demi did something so nude and fearless. Annie Leibovitz body painting by Joanne Gair. I thought it was, once again, a bold and daring choice from a bold and daring woman. Once again, Annie Leibovitz did a world job.

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November 14, Photographer: Albert Watson. I have a poster of this cover on my wall. It certainly raised some eyebrows and some temperatures but it fit perfectly with her image at that point in time. It made a statement extreme thai fuck pics I believe that was what she was going for. October 2, Photographer: She looked like ladies grown woman instead of a teenage girl. She was showing the world that she was growing up. Regardless of sexest things that happened in her personal life, this is the Britney I like to remember.

Esquire Release Date: June Photographer: I think this one is absolutely out of this world. I love the words written on her body. Everything about it works and works beautifully. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time Nude comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. World Of Female. Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. Ways to Look Busy at Work. Please enter your comment!

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