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A car ride of two hours is not so bad if you have a lot to talk about. Even though our friend has been living in Slovakia for over ten years, nature continues to be amazing. Or, as we did last year, a performance of Juraj Hnilica. After a pussy pics of bridget regan I feel so much more like a human being. Especially during a work-holiday it is lovely to recharge at a Spa.

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Women is not a fan of it. She joins in sometimes, but this time decided to continue to forge ahead working on our farm. I felt slovakya little guilty to leave my wife there with all that work.

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Not that she feels that way, she wants me to enjoy these things. The guilt was all in my head. We were warmly received, got a wristband and we changed clothes. Putting everything in the locker there was that moment of, what shall we do first? Soaking in the warm outdoor pool of about 36 to 40 degrees? Do we go crazy at the wave-pool with slovakya wall? Or do we dive directly into the sauna area? Outside you can swim around a bar in the water. There are no palm trees anywhere, but I always get a tropical feeling, tinged with an Eastern European touch though.

You can buy naked cocktail at the bar, and all kinds of other tasty drinks, even without alcohol.

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Because even though I enjoy a drink sometimes, I really only have one with dinner. We decided to start nude at the bar and glided into the water. So lovely! The bath is wonderfully warm. It smells a bit funny, a little sulfuric but not overwhelmingly so. It gives me the sense of how beneficial this water is for body and soul. It is not for nothing that Slovakia has many spas; people travel long distances and stayfor few days or even weeks just for the spa treatments.

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We ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail and I slipped from my barstool into the water. I still find it a strange sensation to sit with your cocktail in a big bowl of water. I have never been on a tropical island After our drink, we swam a few laps.

The park is still under development and my friend could not control her curiosity, she had to take a peek behind a construction wall. With wrinkling grandma hands, it was time to look for something to eat. We did not have an extensive lunch because later there was a dinner on the program.

So, a plate with fries and a salad before our nude. We had ordered a traditional Thai massage online, very curious about it.

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From their few flawed words of English we understood that we had to change clothes and take a seat on the massage table. The ladies entered the room and pointed to the cloth.

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We had women put it on? How, exactly? They left the room and we looked at each other sheepishly. Put it on No, after you! It turned out to be a triangle and something that looked like a string. A string for buddy Barbie doll but that did not spoil the fun. I maneuvered into the rubber band and quickly lay down hoping there were no hidden cameras anywhere. Settling down on the massage table, we kept our giggles in check.

The ladies came back in. Soon, Naked forgot everything, relaxing and enjoying the massage. These ladies really knew their stuff!

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All the stiffness left my muscles. I could move smoothly afterwards and I felt genuinely liberated. For a moment, I considered taking the cloth as a souvenir for Yvonka, but I threw it in the trash, laughing.

After this somewhat hysterical experience, we walked to the separate sauna room where our next adventure began. Because in Slovakia, everything is a bit different than in the Netherlands. We entered the room and the hostess gave us two towels, a small one and a large one. One to sit on, and the other wrap around you. Changing clothes could be done in a small room. We wrapped the big towel around us, going to the Turkish sauna which is a very humid sauna with delicious herbs scents.