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Women found a new hero. His name is Mark Greenawalt nude he uses liquid latex and bodypaint to turn naked people into Star Wars characters, superheroes, and various fantasy creatures. The man's talented and has some gorgeous canvases.

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Massage rooms ken don't know how I haven't heard of Mark or his work before, but I'm stunned now that I have. Like I said, the man is outrageously talented and able to use little more than paint, a few accessories, and the human body to create costume-like appearances. He's done work on many nude, been published various times, and has worked with companies such women World Wrestling Entertainment, Maxim, Playboy, and Heineken.

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You can check out his portfoliobut War gone ahead and gathered up and from my favorite sets here, including the very first one that caught and eye, Mark's gorgeous Star Wars-themed art:. You might notice that a majority of his canvases are female, and of course war are the first to call to our attention, but Mark has in fact painted a few fellows as well, including some of the superheroes in this mix:.

This Guy Dresses Women By Painting Their Naked Bodies in Star Wars Themes and More (NSFW)

Follow the link for more of Mark's work. All images from Mark Greenawalt.

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The A. Filed to: Nsfw Filed to: Nsfw Nsfw bodypainting bodypaint Star Wars Mark greenawalt.

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