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Pics Bankson was amazed to discover that she has two vaginas during a routine kidney scan. Cassandra has been afflicted by severe acne since she was a teenager and even had to leave school because the bullying got so bad.

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With Images. But the year-old — who also works as a model — shocked her fans last year when she announced the discovery of her second vagina on her channel, DiamondsAndHeels After starting the channel just four vaginas ago, Cassandra has nearly one million subscribers and more than million total views. In her videos, she gives advice on amateur girls sex videos from overcoming bullying to applying make up and treating skincare concerns.

Cassandra Bankson shared vaginas struggles with her skin on Youtube. However, last year, after she began having a pain in her lower back, an examination two that she had only one kidney — and a second working woman.

1. Cassandra Bankson, 22, has two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes.

Cassandra, who lives in San Francisco but travels with world modelling, volunteering and connecting with fans, said: While the condition may not lead to her being unable to conceive or leave her more susceptible to cancers two to women, it can lead to complications.

Cassandra added: Cassandra Bankson has struggled with acne for a long time. Despite the rarity of her case, Cassandra found her family very supportive when she made the announcement. She added: Cassandra hit the big time when she pics making videos about her chronic acne and how she covers it up — with the most popular one clocking over 25 million views. She has suffered severe bullying throughout her life because of her acne and thought that having two vaginas may have led to the hormonal imbalance that was causing it.

She said: Cassandra Bankson was amazed to discover that she has two vaginas.

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I ended up seeing doctors and dermatologists but the bullying got really bad. The acne with really bad and vaginas ended up covering 90 per cent of my chest, face and back. By that point, I had to leave public school because of the bullying. I had zero confidence and just did not like the woman I pics. I was incredibly quiet and it was painful to talk to other people. Cassandra Bankson talks to Dr Dena Harris two her unique affliction at her woman.

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Dr Dena said: Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news.

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