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Meanwhile, the rest of our nails look like they were painted by a kindergartner. Le sigh. As it turns out, it's not magic at all. We spoke to six women with some of the prettiest nails on the planet so pretty, in fact, that they made just do her sex career out of it.

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Keep scrolling to read their secrets for flawless nails! Also, follow up washing and using hand sanitizers with an application of lotion to keep skin from becoming dehydrated. I make my own sugar scrub, apply tons of cuticle oil nails lotionand relax with some painting on. It makes a huge difference in how my hands look! For an added benefit, argan oil also keeps your hands moisturized for a more youthful look. There are three cuticle types: A weekly or every-two-week manicure is needed to soak, trim, and keep those cuticle at bay.

And please never ever pick or bite your cuticles. I like to save moisturizing woman cuticles as the last step in the manicure to ensure that there is absolutely naked oil on the nail bed when polishing. It comes in a pen applicator with a brush that allows you to add moisture just where you need it while keeping it off the nails.

9 Things Girls With Perfect Nails Always Do

In order to ensure a long lasting, chip-free manicure, cleansing the nail plate before applying product is key. It sops up residual oils and moisture to boost the base coat's adhesion to nails. Naked works best if using an oil that starts as a gel and melts down to an oil. This will absorb and fill in any microscopic cracks in the nail plate. Is fitness first in your life? Are you the kind of person that can't go to bed without a sparkly clean house?

If so, then an active length barely any free edge and soft oval shape no sharp edges is for you. If fashion and trends are always on your mind and you have more nail polish than your local beauty supply store, you can opt for a longer nail with any shape you like.

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I know everyone has heard of hair, skin, and nail vitamins! They work because nails like moisture and should be nourished from the inside out. It really makes a difference in the overall health of the nail. This particular nude will make nails look healthy, glossy, and, well, perfect.

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Nails can dry out easily, and if that happens, polish will not adhere; it will chip quickly. Most importantly, use a nourishing base coat followed by two coats of nail color and a quick-drying topcoat. Sometimes I use two coats nails topcoat to really seal the manicure. Are you a gel user? If so, a proper gel manicure can keep your nails perfect woman weeks. Just make sure you go to a quality salon. It will give a glass smooth surface for your polish to sit on, mimicking the look of a gel manicure. Plus, it extends polish wear and significantly reduces chipping, in addition to long-term treatment benefits.

Or used your nail as a screwdriver? Don't do those things if you want perfect nails. Here are a few things to keep in your 'protecting your nails' kit: Nails have best friends; they are called manicurists. Are you terrible at painting your own nails? These 10 products are meant for you.

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Makeup Nails. Product Disclosure. They Take Nail-Nourishing Supplements. They Tiffany taylor nuda stocking on Nude Nail Polish. They Use High-Quality Products. They Don't Skimp on Salon Painting. Related Stories.