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Author information: A sample of African-American and white young adults were classified as having multiple sex partners or one sexual partner. Additional analyses were conducted to determine African-American versus white differences in risky sexual behaviors. Results indicated that whites in the multiple partners and single partner groups were more likely to engage in anal and oral sex, while African Americans were more likely to have sex with prostitutes.

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On the other hand, 4. Finally, the results from discriminant analysis indicate that a large number of variables significantly discriminate between subjects who engage in risky sexual behaviors and those who do not. Although there is some similarity in the variables for African Americans and whites, there was tremendous variability between the ethnic groups in the factors that predict risky behaviors.

The need to design acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS prevention programs specifically tailored to the African-American community was underscored in a study that found substantial variability between Blacks and Whites in high-risk sexual behaviors.

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Included in the survey were Black males, Black females, 40 White males, and 64 White females attending the same college in the southern US. Students with multiple sexual partners were significantly more likely than their monogamous counterparts to use illegal drugs, practice anal intercourse, have experience with prostitutes, have a history of gonorrhea and genital warts, and to believe condom use is not necessary if you love your partner.

Two and half men sex students were significantly more likely than Blacks to engage in anal and oral sex.