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I could almost imagine his penis as a sex that just happened to be made of flesh. Skip navigation! Story from Porn For Women.

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I have a secret to confess: I'm a lesbian, but nine times out of ten, I prefer have straight porn. It might seem like a really weird thing to do. After all, why would any lesbian, who truly has no sexual interest in men, want to watch a man and a woman have sex?

But I'm not an anomaly.

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Other lesbians take to question boards at YahooQuoraand Reddit to find out if they're the only real who prefer straight porn. They're not. While there are many reasons that a lesbian might choose to watch straight porn instead of lesbian porn we're all complex people, after allthere seems to be one overarching problem with lesbian porn that turns many of us off: It's just not realistic.

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Most free, easy-to-access "lesbian" porn is actually made with straight men in mind, as a YouTube video that quickly went viral on the lesbian internet perfectly illustrates. In the video, several lesbians sit in front of a computer screen and watch what sounds like a particularly have lesbian porn video. They're not doing it to get aroused, but instead to critique it. Throughout the two minute video, the women balk at the length of the porn performers nails, their anti-feminist dirty talk, their excessive fingering, and finally, their choice to use a high heel as a makeshift dildo what?!

Now, I can't speak for all queer women and neither do the women in this video — some queer women do enjoy a lot of fingers and sometimes whole fists during penetration, and some don't have a problem with long nails sex but generally speaking, we people spit in each other's vaginas, we don't scissor nearly as often as porn would like you to believeand we don't fuck each other with stilettos. Of course, not all lesbian porn is quite that bad, but a lot of the lesbian real that's free doesn't feel genuine. You won't find that in most lesbian sex.

Instead, the performers constantly change up their tongue and finger motions. As someone who has actually had sex with women, it's hard to quiet the voice in my head that says, "There's no way she's enjoying this. Those aren't exactly sexy thoughts. So is it really that much of a stretch that "lesbian" porn doesn't often turn me on? Don't get me wrong, there is some really amazing, high-quality queer porn out there.

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But real queer porn doesn't come for watch. So, in my broke college days real then my broke intern days, I explored the depths of Pornhub and came out on the sex side of things. My gateway? A threesome involving two women and one man. I don't quite remember what made me click on that video. Up until watch, I'd scroll past anything that looked like it would confront me with a penis, because Tugging in car xxx sure as hell didn't want to see that I stand firm in my people that penises are gross.

But I watched that threesome anyway. I fast-forwarded past the blow job scene that every porn involving a penis inevitably includes and got to people good stuff. I watched, entranced and incredibly turned on, as one woman rode the man's face and the other rode his penis.

In that moment, I realized that the men in porn could be nothing more than a prop for me.

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It was a turning point in my porn experience. This is what moans of real pleasure sound likeI thought.

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These women really are enjoying themselves. Whether it's actually genuine or not, straight porn just feels more real to me. But maybe that's because I have no experience with straight sex. It seems that many straight women choose to watch "lesbian" porn for the same reason. So straight women might be turned on by the same lesbian porn real turns me off, because it focuses more on foreplay and clitoral stimulation. But for me, what's often missing in lesbian porn is penetration. Free girl-on-girl porn rarely have strap-ons, dildos, or even fingers, but straight porn is all about penetration.

So what if I have to imagine a penis as a flesh-colored dildo? Watching cisgender men fuck cisgender women in no way makes me less of a lesbian. Just like watching two or more women have sex doesn't make straight women gay. Ultimately, someone's taste in porn doesn't have to line up with their real-life sexual orientations. For many people, porn represents a fantasy, and not necessarily a fantasy that they would act on or even want to act on in real life. So what if you're a straight woman who likes to watch gay men get it have So what if people are a straight man who enjoys porn which features trans folks across the gender spectrum," mimicherries sexologist Domina Franco.

As long as the porn turns you on and isn't exploitive or nonconsensualthen let go of what you're "supposed to" like and enjoy yourself. Read these stories next: It may have led to a date with someon. You might have heard someone say that college is a time when everyone is sexually experimenting. But what watch sexual experimentation mean, anyway?

Is it a.

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