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The 'Community Interaction through Visual Arts' working group aims to provide authentic, real-world learning for students. In a workshop led by 2 Australian designers, students were challenged to work through the design process wab, to consider problems and to visualize innovative solutions. They brought attention to the different types of com we encounter in our daily lives, com how wab influences our decision-making and communication.

WAB's young designers were then given the opportunity to present their concepts to an audience, extending their learning in the young arts to reach outside the classroom and into an authentic, real-world scenario. Prominent and purposeful, Chinese elements were key in establishing the flow of energy and more throughout our spaces.

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Specifically designed to support and enhance the innovative teaching and learning happening at WAB. Rote learning still has an important place in building skills and knowledge, but we can't stop there. Each of our new spaces will incorporate ten signature areas designed for specific types of learning.

The evolution of learning at WAB has already begun school-wide - not only in specific school sections.

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Oct 25 May 30 Self-directed Learning Opportunities in the Young School. May 28 Learning in the New High School Space. May 24 You Ask, We Answer: May 23 com Design Signatures: May 15 Organizing Spaces wab the Theory of Knowledge. May 10 The spaces will be organized by the areas of knowledge an the ways young knowing.

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