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Join his motivational newsletter for athletes by clicking here. When it sex to athletes during the Olympics Archive Photo via Chris Tanouye. When it comes to athletes during the Olympics chrissy curves get more attention than the volleyball players. With their bikinis and short shorts that often leave little to the volleyball and deep tans the sport gets a sudden surge in attention.


At this point it is natural that for the opposing sex there is some added interest. The whole being an athlete thing is pretty awesome. Volleyball players are a mix of power and endurance; they can explode across the court and into the air, and also have the stamina to keep it going.

Butt slapping is no big deal. Celebrations, whether a high five, fist bump, or a good old fashioned volleyball slap to the posterior are a fixture of volleyball. Had a good dinner date? Crushed fourteen episodes in a row on Netflix over the weekend? Butt slap. Fixed the sink? Double butt slap. They are quick learners. There is technique, form, plays, footwork, ball control and all the rest. Skills that take a long time to stubbornly learn and master. Never gives up. Resilience is the number one player of elite athletes.

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With the quick swings in score that often happen, volleyball players know that better times are always right around the corner. They sacrifice themselves for the team. It takes a special kind of person to dive head first across a solid surface for a point. Being a team player on the court transitions nicely into being a good partner—they will do what they can for the relationship, especially when they know you have their back too.

[Eating habits of a group of professional volleyball players].

They are into sports. They are competitors. Pics naked female warriors knew what they want and player were willing to go to the limits of their abilities in order to make it happen. Click here to learn more about the power of logging your workouts with YourWorkoutBook. Sex can also join his weekly motivational newsletter for athletes by clicking here. More from Olivier Leroy See All.

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