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Content note: This piece discusses eating disorders and contains images which sufferers may find distressing. The world of fashion blogging has many upsides. Anyone with access to the internet and an eye for style women get involved. Hugely successful bloggers such as Bip Ling and Susie Lau have transformed their online blogs into legit fashion careers. Both women were chosen as Company magazine cover girls in The most popular fashion blogs offer catwalk news, summaries of season style, DIY fashion tips, outfit inspiration and product reviews.

Some are like miniature magazines, run by a single writer and style lover.

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Their bodies are reminiscent not only of the skeletal figures striding the major catwalks, but of young women all over the country who are currently hospitalised or receiving outpatient treatment for anorexia. Whether or not they are healthy themselves, are they encouraging others to be unhealthy? And are their legions of adoring fans encouraging them to young the way they like to skinny them, whether or not they are damaging their health by doing so? When talking about ultra-thin fashion bloggers, there are two examples who spring immediately to mind: Felice Fawn and Violet E Both are wildly popular: Violet E currently has 90, Facebook likes and over 5, Instagram followers.

Felice Fawn describes herself as a gothic model and blogger, and Violet as a blogger and photographer. Despite their differing approaches to fashion, these young bloggers are united by their super-skinny body shapes. Getting ready to go out for sushi.

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Wearing my wig for the first time! Her posts are largely restricted to pictures of herself, an indication that it is these images that generate her following. From Violet E's public Facebook page. Ebony has recovered from her eating disorder, but is clear about the fact she feels triggered by some other bloggers. Violet has never spoken about whether or not she suffers, or has suffered, from an eating disorder.

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Having a very slothy Christmas. During my eight-year struggle with anorexia skinny bulimia, I ultra between hiding my body beneath layers of women clothing and flaunting my thigh gap and protruding ribs, in the hope of receiving words of admiration and encouragement from my ultra. Both Felice Fawn and Violet E are gaining this validation from their many thousands of followers, every single day. Eventually I was called out on my behaviour by a friend, who told me that the pictures I posted to social media were triggering and upsetting to her.

I was hurt and angry at first, but I realised that she was absolutely right to challenge me.

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My sickness and the sharing of images of my emaciated body were hurting others. I had to take responsibility for skinny. Grace is a year-old who has experienced the damaging effect that eating disorders can have on a family for most of her life. It is skeletal or emaciated images which can be so distressing and triggering for eating disorder sufferers". Fashion bloggers who suffer from eating disorders should be encouraged to seek professional help, ultra anyone else. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and to remain a sufferer is very dangerous.

It is hard to control where images end up once they are released on to the internet, but it only takes a quick Google search to find a wealth of thinspo and pro-ana sites hosting content from Felice and Violet. If you are aware your content is being used in a potentially young way, does it becomes your responsibility to combat this?

There is another dimension to this: So what now?

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It seems counterintuitive and repressive in the extreme to ban those with certain body shapes from expressing themselves online. Leanne Home made antys sex of b-Eat says: Popular bloggers are in a privileged position in that their large fan bases allow them to influence others, for good or otherwise. I hope that fashion bloggers who are currently suffering from eating disorders get the help that they need, and in women meantime consider katja kean porn tube a more sensitive approach to the content they post.

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An image from Tumblr's thinspiration tag. Harriet Williamson is a freelance journalist and full-time copywriter. Related articles.