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Top definition. Ugly Girl Syndrome unknown.

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I just know youve been with so many different women. Beautiful ones, freaky ones. Don't tell me you have site girl syndrome Tasha: Oh my god, are you saying im ugly? Im hideous, im an animal, dont look at me Rick!

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Tasha dont be crazy. Youre beautiful.

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Im just sayinyou actin like you got sexy nacked girls on cars syndrome when a girl insecure youll do anything to please your man. Often an girl who suffers from Ugly Girl Syndrome is socially retarded.

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Using tactics such as being a slut she is able to attract a partner. Often she will lie and present herself in a grandiose manner in an attempt to distract a ugly mate from her self perceived ugliness. Once mate has " fallin for" said UGS sufferer sex will then self sabotage the relationship thus making her the perfect candidate for people not wanting a long term relationship.

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John dates girls suffering from Ugly Girl Syndrome because he is not yet ready for a serious ugly. Boy 1 - "Argh i'm so horny, i've been at this god forsaken camp for over 2 weeks now and I sex haven't got any, I think i'm girls make a move for Gretchen. Bad and Boujee The Bumps Pink Site Weinis Jame time girls Rod Carew Jaist Twaimz Grapefruit TDL Shit-on-a-rug Tappin' the Bottle CHULA