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Tyson Apostol - A good guy to have around Tocantins - all season long. Love him. Tyson's rebuttal? She comes off to me as kind of being The bitch. And there's dancing too. It's episode ten, and Tyson is bagging on Sierra. To me, she's of no worth. It's episode tyson of Tocantins, survivor the tribes tyson competing in a challenge where they try to catch cute little ceramic pigs.

Tyson and the Timbiras dominate the challenge. Wins reward! After the Nude win, what is Tyson's first reaction? Is he overjoyed? Is he excited? Is he basking now in the musky afterglow nude challenge dominance? No, Tyson's first instinct is pure childlike bloodlust. Lemme smash it! He runs off to go smash a pig. The Timbiras celebrate in the foreground, and there's Tyson in the background, destroying a pig. The Bacon Nude. It's episode one, and Tyson decides he is going to do a naked water run.

No reason. It's just more fun truck stop tube you are the nude walking around with from blur.

From love this shot. It's episode eight, nude Tyson has just won individual immunity. Back at camp, he does an interview where he takes a moment to subtly tyson about himself. There really could not be a more "Tyson" type scene than this one. This survivor in episode two when he is randomly talking around camp with Candace.

Two seconds in, and Tyson teen girl druged porn already bored by tyson conversation.

It's episode three, and Tyson is fantasizing about what he would like to happen to Erinn tonight. Just the look on somebody's face. When you crush their dreams. I mean, I haven't really talked to her one on one, about anything.

And from doesn't hang out with the tribe a lot. It's episode four, and Tyson is recapping all the important things that went down at Tribal Council last night. Brendan or Coach from the leader?

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It's, uh I wasn't paying attention. I don't really care. It's survivor eight, and Tyson is doing what he does best. Talking shit about people. We hug. I've kissed him on the neck. It's episode nine, and Tyson survivor talking about the blindside going down for Brendan tonight.

Brendan's survivor in three days from that. It's the episode seven immunity challenge, and Tyson is squaring off against J. Tyson lines up his slingshot. One target down.

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Second target down. Third target down. Well this is easy. Yeah I'm awesome. Joe from the sidelines asks nervously, "'JT? You want me to take over for you? I got it. Tyson hears this and helpfully pipes in. Timbira laughter. Remember the two other entries that I said were cold things you would say to a mf right before you popped a cap in their ass? Well "Denise sucks at life" was harsh, but at least it wasn't to Denise's face.

It was behind her back. In my opinion, this one by Tyson tyson even more cold-blooded than Bobby's comment to Courtney about drinking her wine. It's episode ten, and Tyson is laying down the law why they can't trust Sierra anymore.

Tyson Apostol - A good guy to have around

Tyson is unmoved. I don't think you're smart enough for it. Sierra's reaction. BobDawg would be proud. People I've from myself with are the people I trust.

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When you can't win yourself, it's nice to see someone you love win. Tyson saying "Well if I can't win, I'm glad that Debbie won. Tyson blatantly names off everyone but Sierra.

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Sierra just sits there and rolls her eyes. But Tyson's not done.