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A huge thanks to Sinful Librarian, who's ideas for challenges are what made this story possible to write.

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My drama is Blaineley, and I'll be acting as the host of this sex showdown. For those of you who don't know, let me run down what's happening.

In just a few moments, twelve lovely ladies will arrive here on this island, be assigned randomly into two teams, and spend the next few weeks here competing in exciting sexy themed challenges! The losing team will have to vote one member off, and soon the teams will be dissolved, hot whoever is left on their own! The winner at the very end will leave the island with one million dollars! One by one, the woman began to walk off of the boat and into view, lining up along the dock as they were named off by the host.

Everyone muttered and gave her looks as they stood, save for Dawn, who'd stepped out the way, curiously a few seconds before Izzy even came at them. Not from the goth comment, but from the controversial.

HC: Duncan really likes memes and spams cursed images to Courtney to piss her off.

She really wished that would just stop following her. She supposed she had gone a sexy amazon warrior in her time on the island, but she still thought of herself as a normal girl.

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Some experienced, in more ways than drama, some new, some veteran, all of them sexy in their own way, and most importantly, all of them signed a contract making it illegal for them hot sue for the highly sexual nature of these challenges! After a moment or two of silence, Bridgette and Sky perked up in surprise, "Sexual? Blaineley laughed, "Well, looks like not everyone who joined is very good at reading the fine print!

She actually had, but when the contract gwen said 'explicit content' she assumed that it had meant the contest would be dangerous. She had no idea sex would be involved in this, and she practically whimpered when Total explained to her that all of the challenges were going to be sex themed, as she had no experience with tattooed redhead teen pornstar model even with guys, let alone with girls.

This Total Drama Island photo contains bikini, two piece swimsuit, and bathing suit.

If nothing else, if you do gwen, your adorable virgin stumbling will probably reel in a ton of viewership! Bridgette was suddenly a little less nervous about this though. Gwen face palmed at her bad luck, ending up not just on a team with Heather, but on a team with Heather and Courtney. Courtney hadn't said a word to her on the boat ride island, probably still upset about what had happened between them and Dunken.

She didn't know how many times she was going to have to apologize for that, but evidently more than she had. Jasmine seemed to think her team was promising. Dawn seemed highly knowledgeable on most things, Sky was driven, Lindsay attractive, Izzy skilled, and Eva powerful. But Izzy's tendency to go off the handle, and Eva's easy to trigger rage made her team as volatile as it was skilled.

She'd have to think of ways to subvert the possible dangers that would come with it.

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