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Post a Comment. Help wilson the blog by bookmarking this link to Amazon. No Wilson didn't have the best start with women's matches. Just no.

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Before the event, there was a funny skit between The Brothers of Destruction. Kane sits down next to him and asks how his week's been. This was Smackdown's opening match for the event. Nicely getting it out of the way for the viewers. Torrie yeah, this storyline Wilson also got a sneak peak of Dawn Marie's bra with Al 2 weeks ago before her lingerie contest. Then last week Torrie Wilson found him in the shower with Dawn Marie.

Up until this point, Al Wilson has had no comment. Funaki asks the big question, why did Al have his clothes on wilson the shower. It was a worthy moment. We see the referees fixing the middle rope that Chris Jericho broke in the torrie opening match tonight as Dawn Marie makes her entrance first, and Cole welcomes us from Smackdown.

Torrie Wilson enters as Michael Cole wonders what's been going through her mind since finding her dad in the shower with Dawn Marie. Torrie Wilson hits a dropkick through the ropes on Dawn Marie and slams her into the apron before sending her into the ring for the match to officially start.

Copyright World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Dawn Marie charges at the bell but Torrie Wilson's able to duck and connect with two of her own. Marie is sent into the corner as the commentators are explaining Al's done nothing wrong, but the situation is shifty. Dawn Marie gets her boot up on a charge and sends Wilson across the ring but ducks too early and gives Wilson an easy nearfall on a sunset flip. Marie knees Wilson as she's brought to her feet, but Wilson sends Marie into the corner.

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Marie bounces off the middle rope and lands on the apron hitting Wilson with a shoulder barge through the ropes before dropping Wilson's throat over the top rope. Torrie Wilson is quick to respond with a baseball slide and this goes outside. Dawn Marie gets control with a knee to the gut and sends Wilson's kidneys into the ring apron.

That's not smart. She should have found a way of finding which organs Torrie may be a match for her father, just in case.

Back in the ring, Dawn Marie starts to work the back of Wilson. She stomps her then sends her into the corner.

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Rebellion is in 6 days time. Wilson is sent to the mat with a clubbing blow by Dawn Marie. More stomps to the back and Marie drags Wilson to the middle of the ring.

She applies a camel clutch with her knee driven into the lower back of Wilson.

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For anyone wondering Torrie Wilson won both the bikini and contest between the two that Al got previews for, although Torrie lost shower it mattered, in a tag team match. Marie starts pulling back on Wilson's arms instead, using her knee for added shower. She gets to her feet, still with the arms and uses her boot instead. Torrie's not giving torrie yet, so Dawn Shower brings her to redhead men and women having sex feet by the hair and hits a scoop torrie. Torri higginson photos nude Marie hits a jumping headbutt to the midsection which gets Tazz and Cole too excited before getting a nearfall.

Dawn Marie wants Torrie Wilson to get to her feet as Tazz wonders if the headbutt did anything to Wilson. Wilson gives Marie what she wants, getting to her feet and she shoots with a double-leg takedown for the Catfight over the referee spot that used to always happen. Of course, we have to see him looking smug. Dawn Marie's disgusted as Shower and Cole chuckle on commentary.

Torrie Wilson tries to take advantage of the referee having Marie's attention but takes a kick to the gut. Marie sends Wilson into the corner but runs into a boot from Wilson. Torrie Wilson comes out of the corner to a clothesline from Marie.

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Torrie Wilson is sent across the ring, but again Marie ducks too early she needs better timing Wilson blonde new zealand chicks sexy pussy able to kick her in the chest and hits a suplex for a nearfall. Torrie Wilson hits a running dropkick and covers, but Marie grabs the bottom rope at 2.

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As in, the former Tazmaniac. Torrie Wilson drags Dawn Marie across the ring and hits the catapult. Definitely, my least favourite spot ever invented. Are you watching the match, man!? I can't say I blame him. Dawn Marie charges and screams irritatingly loud as her feet barely leave the floor for a Hot Shot. Torrie Wilson finally ends my misery with a spinning neckbreaker.

Michael Cole wants to know Al's reaction to that match. To start nicely, the springboard to apron spot from Marie was nice. They really didn't do a lot.

WWE Legend Torrie Wilson Does Tanning Dance In Tiny Bikini In Shower

With Torrie Wilson getting the win. It was there, I wasn't a fan but when they have nothing to fight for what do you expect? No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.