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WrestleZone Forums. Jun 29, Messages: I know it would be getting them exposure, but I mean, would it also be continuing their legacy of simply being second best to the WWE and always one step behind them in things as the best naked sexy women with cum on her face of this has been how TNA has had a knack for picking up old WWE talent?

Or do you think that any exposure for TNA, even if it could be contrived as copying what the WWE used to do, would be good for the young company overall? Kane Occasional Pre-Show. May 2, Messages: Well SoCal Val is pushing for it and personally i think it's a good idea.

The Knockouts have atleast in my opinion already proven they are better wrestlers. Maybe they wanna prove they're sexier too. Nate Dark Match Jobber.

Feb 21, Messages: I think Velvet Sky would be good to pose also She has a nice face wrestlers a great body!!! Feb 27, Messages: I think it would be girls good thing, theres some hot Knockouts i want to see naked, and the publicity would be good. At this point it doesnt matter if they follow in WWE footsteps, its better than following in WCW footsteps thats for sure. WWE must think their invincible and they prove their arrogance with the PG move since most people who watch are older, so TNA could wrestlers an edge, and a slight one, not really competition, but an edge none the less if they wrestlers on the older crowd.

I mean theres only so much you can do and so many people you tna appeal to after decades and decades of wrestling secretaries naked in high heels be that original, so why worry about the image of being like WWE, its the characters that mean the most to be distinguishable. Apr 3, Messages: I think it would be a great idea for TNA. One of their problems is the lack of advertisement for their brand.

Being in Playboy would be a step in the right direction for them, tna it would be seen my millions of men and it would generate some hype for TNA.

As for who should pose, the logical choice is both Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. The Beautiful People are the face of the Knockouts division at the moment, so it only makes sense that they girls both be featured. Aug 9, Girls Awesome Kong: Anyways, The Beautiful People would be perfect for playboy.

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Not only are they both gorgeous especially Velvet, my personal favorite wrestlers, but it suits them, or rather, they're characters. They could come out and brag about going to tna play boy mansion, meeting Hugh Hefner, and saying how they're the sexiest girls ever to grace the cover of playboy. The story can go wherever it wants at that point. Mar 26, Messages: I just asked my husband about this.

His thought is that the girls one he would have used is already gone - Gail Kim. My vote is for Velvet Sky. She's my favorite. Of course, we have to keep in mind Chyna posed for Playboy not once, but twice, so anything's tna.

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Maxim or FHM may be better for the Knockouts to start off with. Jan 23, Messages: I think it would be a great idea for the knockouts! And there is no one I want to in Playboy more than Velvet Sky! IMO she is the best looking woman in wrestling! Alot of people say Angelina Love, but I don't see it. As long as its not Kong or ODB!! Nov 2, Messages: TNA having the knockouts do playboy would be great for buisiness. Velvet and Traci and Val are the obvious choices. I naked Taylor would look great in there as well.

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Naked not Kong Feb 26, Messages: It certainly wouldn't be bad. Unless TNA has to pay a ridiculous amount for a deal I don't see any drawbacks at all. It'll help get TNA out to a new naked especially if they can appear on any new shows Playboy naked have, i. The Girls Next Door and probably be the first exposure a lot of people will have to the wrestling company. I happen to think Love is the hottest but there's something about Velvet I like.

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Mar 16, Messages: I think it would be great exposure. It would be great exposure, get the Beautiful people to do a full spread. Then the demographic would see these beautiful people, and see a write up about TNA, and wonder what it is all about. After a while, they start watching, and voila, they are hooked on the product. That is great advertisement.

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