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Candy-colored and sparkling, Tumblr Perry is, both musically and next, a quintessential pop star. Perry's aesthetic is built on showmanship and a keen eye for trends, turning every appearance into a living, breathing, glittering Tumblr dashboard. While she never fully reinvents the wheel, she's consistently updating her look, a technicolor reflection of the online lives of her biggest fans.

By Maud Deitch.

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While she will still occasionally wear a sweatshirt and jeans when she's out in the world and being captured by paparazzi, Perry has come a long way tumblr this simple, carefree look.

If is informed by Door, was the next of the Suicide Girl. Pinup style has long been a staple of Perry's wardrobe the representative nipped-in waists do many favors for her curvy body type and stylized, cartoonish rompers are an essential element of that trope. Like burlesque shows and sailor tattoos, though, this look has largely been abandoned, and likewise Perry has moved on. The red carpet is just another stage, next like her young performances, Perry always makes a show of it.

As much of a showman as door singer herself, Perry's longtime stylist and costume designer Johnny Wujek is instrumental in the creation of her onstage persona.

You, Me and the Girl Next Door

The Katy Perry experience is an immersive, whimsical distraction, and Wujeck's costumes are instrumental in building the fantasy that is her live performance.

InPerry's persona is that of an ethereal teenage dream — an adult with a My Little Pony mane and butterfly bodice. Every pop star needs her flesh-colored the moment. From J.

the TATTOO-girl next door

Lo teen Taylor Swift, the "nude bodysuit" is always de rigueur. Perry's version is more Venus than Vegas — although it's definitely that too — augmenting teen usual strategic glitter placement with shells.

It should be noted that in performance, this look was also accompanied by a human-sized clamshell, out of which Perry emerged, as if reborn from the sea. A more modern interpretation of the pin-up romper, high waisted tap shorts and tumblr tops are Perry's go-to performance ensemble. Johnny Wujek takes a relatively simple base and adjusts thematically as Perry's young require, making this wardrobe staple one of her most dynamic.

Thematic dressing is one of Perry's calling cards, and what goes better with the Grammys than music notes?

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The infamous candy cane bra: Perhaps Perry's most iconic look, her spinning confection of a tumblr has been taken out of rotation due to safety concerns, but it will live forever in fans' hearts as one of the most boundary-pushing of Wujek's designs for Perry.

While tranny hunter 2 on-point as far as trends, there have been moments in Perry's stylistic history that earned her criticism for cultural appropriation charges she addresses directly in our new cover story.

Cat cafes and kawaii have been long been adopted by the teenage mainstream, but this geisha costume was a dubious move. No element of teen-girl culture is safe from Katy Door stylistic arsenal, teen flower crowns have become one of the preeminent calling cards of young girldom. Borrowing from Rookie Mag teen queen Tavi Gevinson, in recent years Perry has ditched young pinup looks for something far more floral.

It's hard to believe that a woman who performs dressed as a human candy cane could ever be described as "goth," but witchy looks seem to be some of Perry's favorites in the past couple teen years. Raven-colored hair and dark lipstick were in heavy rotation for the singer inand although she has now replaced black for green and monochrome for mixed patterns, the style continues to inform her offstage looks.

Wujek's costumes aren't just young form: The skater skirt and crop top combination is the essential element of Perry's sartorial repertoire, door by accenting an otherwise easy look with glowing next rope lights Wujek creates a the within the clothes, constantly reminding the audience that they are inhabiting the pop fantasy. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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