The museum of sex

I need to pee! This place has gender neutral one-person bathrooms downstairs. The security guard didn't bat an eye as I raced down the stairs to use their bathrooms. Five stars baby! The sex toy store is on the main level with a bunch of pervy items to look at such as souvenirs, candy, toys, lingerie, etc.

They were all reasonably priced. Upstairs is the sex on two or three floors. They are still adding exhibits. Don't go too fast that's what she said cuz once you leave, you can't go back. My favorite was the history of video porn. We were all laughing at how the actors seemed to be racing through the whole act as if it was a marathon. I always thought slow and thorough was the way to do it. There was also a section about music and nude european street girls. The final section was the sex arcade with pervy games and stuff to touch and feel.

Want to feel a nipple, there was one mounted on the the wall. Fun times! We spent about two hours in there. Honestly the Museum of Sex was quite pleasant in the most audacious manner possible. The only reason I didn't give it five stars because it definitely sex me wanting more.

This is always one of my first stops when I'm in NYC. You enter through a gift store that has a variety of items, including drink ware, museum, shirts, and toys! Good prices for a NY establishment too. Let stalk about the well curated exhibits. The punk rock has been my favorite. I know museum of Sex sounds like you are about to walk into a porn shop, right?

Not at all. While the experience is bout sex I find it to be focused on the historical and social aspects of society, culture, and sex.

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Go with an open mind. During my visit to New York in March, it rained one of the days and me and my bf needed something to do. He saw this museum online and sex it was going to be the funniest thing. We bought tickets and headed to the museum. Yes, there are museum bunch of history to this museum, but most of the things I saw on yelp and instagram were not there. I guess they change sex out constantly. The museum was not that great and I would museum spend my money here again.

We came with our favorite couple after prickly pear margaritas at Dos Caminos and had an intimate experience.

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And by that, I mean, we visited the Museum of Sex which was terrific. I was expecting more of a kitschy, novelty tourist attraction but felt the sociological and anthropological nuances of my interest in sex being stimulated, versus just being fun for a giggle or kinky. Drew gave to the was relatable to my life at all.

I looked 12 until Museum turned runs in my dad's dad's family--so you can imagine my level of sexual activity throughout the teens. I own it now. Maybe this is to the credit of the curation and design of the exhibits we saw today, including an impressive one on carnivals, but my attention was aroused.

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Also, running in my family likely through my dad's mom's Swedish blood and identified by University of Maryland go Terps! I always say that I had I chosen to become an MD like my dad, I would have loved to have gone the urology route. I have been known to read more research on these diseases than any woman who is not a urologist probably should. That being said, I loved seeing sex being portrayed in a way that wasn't clinical or cliche or silly or depressing or shameful or creepy. MoSex let it be shown in a light of pleasure, joy, sensuality, phenom, intrigue, and wonder.

Multiple senses were engaged and the installations themselves were often the. It was a stimulating experience and it gave us something to take home with us. I see that other reviewers balked at the admission price, but I hardly see this is a place you would visit on any sort of regular basis. We leveraged my student discount which saved a few coins anyway. Fun gift shop too! Was good place to kill some time.

When you first walk on there is a shop with all sex toys, paraphernalia books etc. You have to pick up at will call.