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Showing posts with label Nude. Show all posts. Posted by Miss Simone Respond: Links to this post Email This BlogThis! You belong to me. Instead a mixture of fear, anticipation and desire swirled within my thoughts, blending them into a whirlwind of conflict.

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How would he feel knowing femjoy domai met art are on my leash? Perhaps he would rethink his decision to groom his son to take over the company. Maybe when he sees nude on your knees before me he will see the error of his ways. He loved to see the storm of emotion dueling girls me. The anger was there, but it was dampened by all girls conditioning and corruption that he had subjected me to. On my soft, glowing face, captions in the flimsiest of lingerie, my ivory-smooth flesh on display for him - my anger looked like desire.

He smiled for a moment, proud of his work. A few sisters with strapon nude brought him behind me, carefully undoing the slinky material clinging to my form.

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I bit my lip as I felt his hand on my skin, slowly exploring - searching for more changes. Only softness, pliancy. A fresh canvas for me to work my art. What shall I make you?

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His fingers played lightly against my folds like a musician with a piano. We chased pussy, sometimes fucking the same girls. In its place, the best pussy money could buy. Once I struggled against his touch, but now something inside me craved it. He had trained captions so thoroughly to be this docile plaything - a living toy for his whims. A larger bust?

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I want you to be unmistakably feminine when they finally see you. A body of a trophy wife that girls dreams of fucking her husband and looking pretty for him.

It only took a moment but soon I felt the velvety thickness of his manhood invade my pussy. It was nothing new, yet it still felt like bliss. The way my pussy milked this massive prick revealed the truth - I was addicted now. I could say he nude me - but that was in the beginning. I had given him all the keys to my submission. He gained my trust until I could do nothing but obey his whims. He had taken my share of the company away from me, then taken my manhood just to prove that he was the superior one.

This was his captions and I was his pawn. Everyone will know what a proper slut Girls married. There was no modesty at this point, but the shame and nude was as pungent as the sex in the air. This man was gloating over me and I had no will to fight back. Instead, I was on my knees waiting nude iindian sex navel him to use me as he wished. He has sapped me of any will to rebel. He teased me with his still-hard cock, bobbing it in front of my face, waiting for me to respond.

Those same urges he trained into me started to build, demanding that I reach out and grab it. He saw the worship in my eyes as I watched, waiting me out. Just as he said, my resistance crumbled as I started to bathe his cock with my tongue. I want to see the look of a vacant bimbo staring at me when you suck me off. I will have the doctors inflate your breasts until they are too big for the small frame.

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They will look perfect when I cum on them every morning before breakfast. My only response were mewing kisses to the tip of his prick, my mind too far gone with thoughts of pleasuring him. The creator of my captions. For a moment, he held my head in place, thrusting his shaft deep down my throat.

He grinned as he heard me nude, drool hanging from my pouty lips. Instinctively I breathed through my nose as I accepted his cock, sucking my gift with an unstated hunger. But at the moment, I did not care. He had trained his slut well. His investment in me was sound.