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Teen culture is the only culture that matters because it is the culture of meaningless oppression. Teens cannot go to bathroom without a hall pass.

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Their bodies and bladders are controlled by adults. Teen is an amazing fact. Teens only learned how to use their crotches like three weeks ago. That makes them dangerous and sexy.

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Teens only think about fingerbanging. They re-claim public spaces, girls rollercoasters, food courts, and parking lots, so they can fingerbang each other. Whenever a teen enters a new space they think: Teens only care about the immediate culture. They are not stuck in dead-time nostalgia.

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They have never heard of Missy Elliot. They do not care. That is OK. Teens plow their carts over the bones of the getting. Private schools teens are not cool because they are not oppressed. If you went to a school with couches, or free-time, or where you were allowed to call your teacher by their first name, you are not a real teen. You are not cool. The only time private school teens are cool is when they are insanely rich and are militant about self-destruction.

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Exception is made for teens who go to naughty gruop sex picture clip schools: One time I was invited by a teen into her bedroom.

She fingerbanged in Tennessee. The teen told me that her best friend wanted to be a stripper. I asked her if it was hard being popular at her school.

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Teen crotches are weaponized. Open kinja-labs. The A. Natasha Vargas-Cooper. Filed to: Share This Story. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.