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WHEN it comes to sex, for women are different - but for those who find it difficult to reach orgasm from oral sex, we've got some good news. Meet Technique - the simple oral sex trick which claims to get most women to orgasm within a few minutes. According to sex experts, 60 per cent of women experience a faster and more intense orgasm, with technique women climaxing within three minutes.

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With Kivin, it's all about the positioning, so instead of approaching between the legs, the giver should position themselves side-on. Sex Knight, sex and relationship expert at Love Honey, told Cosmopolitan: The giver should also press a finger on the perineum the area between the vagina and for anus and when their partner is nearing orgasm, move their tongue from the side-on angle to the head of the clitoris. And if you're wondering whether it actually works, one man took to Reddit to report his findings.

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He revealed: We also revealed the Cleopatra is the very young virgins cambodia sex position that is driving women wild. And we showed you Tinder has oral a rise sex female sex addicts … here are the 10 signs you have a problem.

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Tips on Giving Oral Sex to a Man

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