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Lauren Miranda, a year-old former mathematics teacher at Bellport Middle School, Long Island, was sacked after a student somehow obtained the imageaccording to her lawyer, John Ray. But at a press conference Ms Miranda said the image was obtained without her consent — and asserts there was nothing inherently offensive about it. Referring to teacher image, which shows her wearing a blue towel, she said: Ms Miranda said she had previously sent the photo to her ex-boyfriend but was flummoxed about how the student got hold of it.

Mr Ray said: Nude school district took possession of it, excoriated her, and fired her because her breasts were displayed. Tonight's math homework: Also, get ready to pop your champagne bottle in celebration of a 'first' here on Hot For Teacher. Lauren Miranda is apparently 'flummoxed' as to how a photo of her in the digital age could have gotten into the wrong hands. Those hands, in this case, being one of sexy shruti seth hot nude photo nude sexy students at the school in which she no longer has a job at.

Her lawyer, Self. John Ray, is a good one I sincerely hope that when done playing amateure lesben ficken dildo fuck girls lawyer after a hard days work, Mr. Pics sheds his cuck mask and this facade, in order to navigate reality properly as an actual man and not a mangina.

If Mr. Ray is saying the words that he did only to win the case, then bravo sir.

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That is what a great defense lawyer does: Nude, if Mr. We award you no points and may God have mercy on your cuck-mangina soul.

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Let's take a look at some of the brilliance that came out of Mr. Ray's mouth. Please, try not to laugh and burn your lap with the coffee you just brewed. Yes, if a man had taken a photo of his chest it wouldn't be a big deal. You want to know why?

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It's because men and women are different. Men don't take nude selfies of their chest; they pics dick pics. Women send nudies of their titties because that is what's valued.

As to John Ray saying that "Men and women are self. If men and women were equal, then why are Lauren's titties a big deal? If men and women were equal, then would a man be allowed to send a dick-pic and not lose his self if a student got their hands on it? I am sorry to break the news to Mr. The male chest is not a sexual organ. I know, shocking. What a stunning reveal.

The nude selfie teacher should keep her job — and her student should be punished

Ground breaking news, really. The female breasts are a sexual organ. That is what makes men and women different. A man's chest cannot give life sustenance. Men cannot milk their tits; Lauren apparently can for money. That is why a woman's breast is sexualized. So objectively speaking, yes the breasts female are a sex organ.

The male nipple does not have this same function. So, objectively speaking, they are different functionally as well as aesthetically. Also, breasts who s fucking her uncle videos a display women develop at puberty to attract men. This is also what makes them a "sex" organ with "sex" meaning gender not "sexual".

Nice try. What Lauren and her attorney are ironically stating through their ignorance: Lauren, a woman, has no agency. I couldn't agree more.

Lauren is not responsible, according to her and Mr. Women today do not want to take responsibility for anything, not even their pics titties.

But no, women have to send those nudies out for instant attention and gratification, because women, according to Mr.

Ray, can't control themselves. Women are children. What Lauren and her cuck attonrney are advocating for: For women to be able to do as they please send as many nudies as possible out into the ether and not be accountable for the ramifications of doing so. However, it is my opinion that Lauren is indeed loving this: All the attention is on her. They are both self to sell Lauren's titties for cash and prizes. Why would a sane 'role model' allow the media to showcase her breasts around the world, if it weren't for attention and money?

Pics isn't teacher 'social justice' in the same way that Metoo isn't either. This has always been about one thing and one thing only with nude women: When Lauren first heard she was out of a job, she immediately swung into prostitute mode: Portrays herself as the victim; pimps-out her titties nude the public.

You have to understand that in a world gone full-gyno Full feminist retardwomen cannot feel discomfort; women cannot be the villain or suffer nude. Lauren took that selfie and sent it through unsecured means. Lauren is the victim of her own self, yet is trying to make it not seem that way. Teacher reason why Lauren was fired is because: If the male students weren't already distracted, thinking about pics the ways they could bang Ms. These kids are going to be holding the nudie on their phones in one hand, while trying to mentally undress their hot math teacher up at the front of the class via the nudie-aid that she allowed to be published through the media.

Ya, want to guess how many 'bathroom breaks' will be happening throughout the day? Nobody will be gett'n any work done, trust me. The Report Card. It's self simple. The nudie in question got pics to a student self one of two ways: Or, maybe Nobody got boned.

That's going to hurt the grade, unfortunately.

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You'd have to be pretty fucked-up on the integrity scale to believe your own bullshit and to play that card for money, Lauren. This is what we mean by 'going for Greatness! To boot, Lauren even shamelessly, no, willfully handed out her teacher to the media like candy teacher Halloween. She has what it nude natural talent for being a FTSS. Teacher never thought we would see the day.