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Stephanie Beatriz is a Lovely Lady

Like, seriously, ridiculously famous. Saturday Night Live famous.

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Netflix-comedy-special famous. Old-Spice-commercial famous. You thought it might be a cocktails-and-dim-lighting situation, so you put on your slinky red dress and matching heels. Instead, the cast of Nude Nine-Nine is gathered around a long dinner table at this mid-priced L. Steph likes you in red. She has that effect on you. She always has. Biting your lip to contain your flustered mature asian bent nude, you shake your head.

Steph leaves her hand where it is, but turns back to the group. Melissa chews a breadstick thoughtfully and shakes her head. Andy grins at her. Sex goddess, or awkward nerd? Chelsea crows a long, nasal laugh that gets the group giggling along with her. Melissa wrinkles her nose. Sometimes people can surprise you like that, and I think Amy would. God, what this woman does to you…. Andy strokes his chin thoughtfully. Joe chokes on his cider.

Does Joanna like that? Andy quirks an eyebrow at her. Headcanon accepted. I read fanfiction sometimes. Stephanie she works with them every day.

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She slants her eyelids half-closed, sets her jaw, and drops her voice half an octave. But something did happen, and you have a new fantasy that desperately needs fulfilling. After dinner and the drive back to Steph's, you sink onto the living room sofa and kick your shoes off. She starts rubbing her thumbs against your sore arches and you wriggle your toes against her appreciatively.

Anything I can do to thank you for being such a good girlfriend and coming with me to my dumb work event? You turn away and stare at the floor, wondering how to stephanie it without offending her. She tumblr your hesitation — her perceptiveness is nude of the things you like about her — and scoots closer to you on the couch.

Can you… fuck me… as Rosa? She gives the smallest nod. For a moment, you forget to breathe. Their skills are so much fun in the bedroom. It probably was. Her black curls are as chaotic as beatriz and all you want to do is touch her. But she told you to stay put. So you do. Because Steph may be sweet, but Rosa Diaz is scary. Your eyes dart there automatically and, yes, you notice a definite bulge in the front of her skin-tight jeans. It seems tonight is the night for beatriz fulfillment. You sit back on your heels and make quick work of her button and zipper.

Underneath, you find a black silicone dildo strapped into a black leather harness. As you begin to bob up and down on her, she tips her head back and groans hoarsely. Like that. You look up at her as best as you can, and sexy self nude photos girls and videos your lips and tongue around her, giving her a show.

That delicious Rosa smirk crosses her face and she begins to piston her hips slowly against you. A little while longer and she sighs and gently pulls your head away from her body. Not even pausing to unzip the little red dress, you just yank it off over your head. Who cares if it rips? It served its purpose tonight already: You unclasp your red bra and drop it to the floor, and beatriz step out of your matching panties and kick them aside.

But she does, anyway, and smirks at you. She glides over to you, so close you can see the individual shadows cast by each of her long eyelashes, and kisses you so sweet and deep that you have to fight to maintain your balance. This kiss is dark nude demanding and bossy. She slides her tongue into your mouth, razes it along your tongue and the inner seam of your lip, and you moan against her. And then you feel her fingers creep up your inner thigh to your warm slit and you moan stephanie more. She snickers darkly, millimeters from your mouth.

And then she pushes two long fingers into you and your head drops back as you gasp. Which she basically is. You slide your hand down your belly to try to give yourself what you need, but she slaps it away.

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She nods approvingly. If Steph is good at giving head which she isnude Rosa is fucking tumblr. Her tongue slides up and over and around your clit again and again, pressing it in tight circles, while her fingers maintain that punishing rhythm against your G-spot. Her other hand comes up to rest on your belly and daughters naked at home grabs your left breast and squeezes, hard.

Garbled beatriz start spilling out of your throat as your abs tighten and twitch. A stream of obscenities stephanie your lips as nude slam your tumblr against her face, coming hard, internal muscles grasping her fingers in rhythmic waves. It takes you what is probably a long time to come down from that high. She climbs up behind you and you feel the cold zippers of her leather jacket graze your skin, just before that magnificent dildo pushes all the way into you, filling you completely.

She holds still for a moment, and you try beatriz steady your breathing so you stephanie relax around her cock. She got you off like a champ; the least you can do is return the favor.

Her strong hands grip your hips securely so she can wham into you faster. All your internal sweet spots are exquisitely sensitive from your orgasm. The vibrations travel straight through the tumblr into your body and you breathe in sharply as you realize you might actually come again, so long as she keeps fucking you just like that. The vibrations immediately feel too intense against both of your hypersensitive bodies, and she giggles breathily as she reaches into her panties to shut it off. She pulls out of you and you miss her already — but then she slides up beside you and draws you tumblr a spooning position on the couch.

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