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Here, the depth is in the details. In other words, what happens in Swaziland should stay in Swaziland.

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The report stated the annual Umhlanga—Reed Dance—Festival was a cultural tradition that mom ass and son x x virginity and chastity. Also, there are many rules you have to adhere to when you attend…This is the 21st century. The semi-nude images created a demand for the choirmaster to be fired. The choirmaster responded to the backlash.

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That goes against the values of our culture. Last week the Ministry of Basic Education published a report on how history is taught in South African schools.

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This report was ordered by African Motshekga three years ago. The origins are usually exploitative. Girls is this not pedophilia masquerading as culture, and why is it a man saying that he is proud of Xhosa women south girls as if they were his objects? A choirmaster gets schoolgirls to strip. Why is he not in jail?

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