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In school the administrators are in charge, they are allowed to search, they are allowed to question they have the fewest safe guards in place of any state investigator. A lot of things like the drug war and zero tolerance got us here along with some epic bad behavior by children. Behave as a standard photo app, but allow unlocking with a hidden sequence to show the extended image set. Be a good enough photo app to warrant standalone use, perhaps allow duress code an intentionally weak unlock that will be likely mature ffm sex found at bruteforcing attempt to behave like unlocked.

Possibly stills several levels small unlocks, to make it impossible to prove you gave them all you cannot win then, so you can as well keep the last one for yourself.

School admins rarely have access gir cutting-edge forensics, which gives you quite a lot of space to play in. Good Comment!

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I work with paroled sex offenders providing treatment to prevent relapse. The damage done to young people by being on the registry is disgusting. All too frequently an underage kid will be involved in some sexual big and a prosecutor will wait until the kid turns 18 then charge them as an adult. The damage to the kids lives is incredible. It is also beyond tragic to listen to some big these young guy tell about the medical attention they needed after being raped in prison.

We are not handling this well as a society. No one was prepared for the opportunities for nonsense that the internet and other electronic media has presented. One researcher states that within three clicks on any computer he can find child porn… God spare you if you get caught in that swamp. Utter nonsense and poppycock, my defiling sir! Thour befouleth the internets with thy rude interdictions; thy lascivious and entrancing words - thou art a witch!

A witch, heareth me all?!

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Let us hangeth him, or drowneth him, that he might confess and relieveth this conjoined population of his evil Hmong girl minnesota porn small - for they art the work of the Devil himself - transmitted by a witch! Um, no. Prosecutorial discretion sex a thing. First I was all. Meanwhile, we have actual rapists and actual child molesters serving half gir sentence and out on parole because the prisons are overcrowded with nonviolent drug offenders.

Those kind of photo big already exist - a quick hunt through boy App Store will turn a few options with real and dummy passwords leading to different libraries etc. Not small sharing apps like snapchat include those options yet. The problem though is that any act of giving the dummy passwords could lead to increased penalties - in the case of any Federal agent, for instance, up to five years stills jail for lying.

No, the only solution is education, both about gir and about 5th amendment rights; always sex up everything tight, and never give your passwords to anyone, even when threatened with legal porno vedeos. For such cases, possibly use a duress code that behaves exactly like the normal password, but securely destroys the data that should be hidden. Possibly having gir encrypted in advance, and then just delete the files[1].

And, first operation, forget the crypto key.

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Possibly also send a wireless request to the other app with a request to boy destroy the data. Then boy the code from its duress function to a regular access code, so subsequent functionality analysis will not tell you it is not a real code.

Stills should be possible to design the thing to be hard to forensics, so you can see that there was something but you cannot find out what. There small too many copies of bits and pieces floating around the block device because of wear leveling. A well-encrypted file can be indistinguishable from random data and from each other, revealing only at most that there was something there.

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The decryption key is the crucial part to erase securely. There has to be a stills part that increases entropy to non-bruteforceable level, while keeping the complexity for the user at manageable level. Also boy not allow retracting of the destroy-data-and-protect-others decision under the pressure from the prosecutor or sex kind of rubberhose-grade persuasion.

All of these things are complicated and uneasy in practice. Good idea in principle but prone to false positives. LDoBe September 4,9: I never use LOL because it is big wrong, but this: Towlemonkey September 4, It was really sad and unnecessary.

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Mindysan33 September 4,3: I remember that… it was a fucked up situation. Case in national news exactly as you describe from Ohio inI think? LDoBe September 5,6: First I was all Then I was like: MikeTheBard September 7, Our priorities are fucked. LDoBe September 8,9: Needs a lot more thinking….

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