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Great spot to escape the bitter cold of Berlin for a day. The shuttle from the train station was Nice place, great for relax. Crowdy on weekends.

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Locker room area is very confusing. Hard to find Great place to relax, the sauna's are the best - especially the organised sessions where they give you for example honey to put on your skin while in the sauna. It's best to take some snacks with you as you will get hungry with all the swimming. Remember to naked flip flops as well as group sex porn captions floor feels quite sharp, especially after few hours in water when skin is soft.

We went slide a month long tour of Europe with our 4 kids last summer and I just didn't get to finishing all my reviews so here it goes: Coming from San Francisco Bay Area where the slide is slide 20 minutes from my house, this was a very odd experience to go to an indoor water beach and waterpark.

That being said, our 4 kids thought it was really cool!

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However, after only one night there I was claustrophobic. It's kind of in naked middle of nowhere outside of Brandenburg and Berlin. We also stayed in in Berlin at the Ritz Carlton, and a cute charming hotel in Potsdam. Those park should be up shortly as well. All in all I would say it's a cool place to check out for one night, but that's it.

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Whatever water do, do not book multiple nights until you've been there one full 24 hours. I really could not handle more than that. Better service than what we got a the Ritz Carlton Berlin! No joke. Overall it was very good for what it is If you thought this review was helpful please check the button that says so.

It makes me slide good to know I am helping fellow travelers. Thank you and have fun. We slept in tent for 4. It was great experience, especially for children. They loved it. I was afraid that we would be bored after few hours, but it was lot of to do there so we had fun during the entire stay. I recommend sleeping in tents, it naked really nice "adventure" however water is really hot inside of the tent. Everyhing was very good except i the food, which was not so good and it was expensive - definitely not value of money requested and ii the staff.

Especially women in the Tropino Club, including restaurant in Tropino Club children area and in Mondial restaurant were unfriendly, annoyed and unpolite. It is really shame because it worsen our impression from the visit. Breakfast was very good. Dear Homie88, Thank you for your visit and your feedback. From tropical dishes like tropical barbecue, Asian wok dishes, international fine cuisine to fries, burger park pasta, the restaurants offer something for every taste.

If there is anything you are not satisfied with, we recommend to mention it directly at the restaurant.

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At this point it is quite difficult to reconstruct what might have gone wrong in the kitchen that day. However, as park value your feedback as a point and chance for improvement, we will forward it to the chef. Obviously, the behaviour of our staff member was water inappropriate.

Thank you for pointing that out. This gives us the chance to raise awareness and helps us to prevent similar problems in the future. Your feedback will be forwarded to our head of the Food and Beverage department and he will be asked to talk about the situation to his team members. We are truly sorry that you felt you were treated the wrong way. That was certainly not our intention. You can expect better from naked. Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced and would be very happy to welcome you again as our guests.

Kind regards Your Tropical Islands Team. I was visiting Berlin with some friends and we stumbled upon this gem somewhere half-hour drive from Berlin. Worth every penny. Yesterday park my birthday and since I haven't enjoyed this kind of things during my childhood my husband took me to there for my birthday.

It was serena del rio fuck a nice beginning that I was offered a free entrance because it was my birthday.


We have started to our day with one of the water slide and at the first round my husband lost one of his fingernail! We are both adults and we think that it was because of the condition of the slide but the management didn't give attention what we think.

My husband got assistance for bandaging the hand but unfortunately it didn't help and the management even didn't offer us to reach to the hospital. When the paperwork completed I could literally see the blood out of the bandage and when we asked the 2nd bandage we were told "again and again it won't help" In the end we drove an hour the hospital and it took 6 hours and a half to stop bleeding, in the end the doctor burned the finger in order to stop bleeding!

Never again! Dear Nursen, Thank you for your stay at Tropical Islands as well as your feedback on it. As we take your feedback very serious, we made an internal research about the incident. The waterslide was cordoned off to check it precisely because of your accident.