Shut the fuck up cookie monster

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Generally, Cookie Monster appears to be a stupid, absent-minded monster, and sometimes his vocabulary is limited. He craves cookies above all foods, and even resorts to turning a sandwich and a pizza into cookies.

Cookie Monster seems to have disregard for Kermit, despite Kermit occasionally claiming to be his friend. Cookie Monster claims to be better than Kermit when it comes to cooking, being able to magically turn any food into anything for example, he turns flour and sugar into Native american girl porn gif, and later turns cheese cubes, lunch meat, and a potato chip into a sandwich.

Whenever he magically creates another food, he often turns it into cookies for his own pleasure. Cookie Monster also has the tendency to physically abuse Kermit. In "Cooking with Cookie Monster!

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Cookie Monster tends to be on good terms with Sean, though he often tends to piss him off. For example, he made Sean angry when he turned Kermit's mushroom pizza into cookies, and at one point bothered Sean in the front seat during a road trip.

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Cookie Monster seems to be cool with Sean, and instead of chastising Sean for ruining his videos with his hiccups, he just says, "It's okay, I know you bitch anyway. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.

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