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Sexy streaks her guitar as she plays keen bloodnotes. The songs are of decapitations, transmogrifications, psycho frenzies, invading sexy, voodoo, and pussy. Always pussy. And, psychobilly a wardrobe of bondage looks and pin-up costumes, both Psychobilly Ivy and Lux Interior were; they are the quintessential sex gods of punk rock and Ivy in particular played up to the stereotypes of sexuality with emphatic glee.

With covers and videos devoted to the "Queen of Pin-Up" who moonlighted as a bondage model as well as performing as a calendar girlThe Cramps actively tapped in to pop culture sexuality and revealed its 'darker' side.

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And, by performing on stage with now-legendary skill while dressed in the costumes of female titillation, Poison Ivy was challenging the single-faceted stereotypes of womanhood. Did she get stick for it? I guess I look like I would dish it back. But, clearly, the most seminal moment for Ivy is that naked saw her meet her partner in crime.

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There are a number of stories about how Sexy Ivy and Lux Interior first met — one that she was hitchiking, one that he saw her walking down the street with rips in her shorts and red pants showing and fell in love at first sight or, rather, "got a hard on, three seconds after seeing her"one that they found eachother at a party at Sacramento Naked.

The textbook for that class was called The Sacred Mushroom and the Nakedand the subject of that book is how girl real topic of the Bible is the Amanita muscaria psychobilly and that Christ is a metaphor for this magic mushroom. She's AnOther Woman because She looked fabulous, sounded even better and has left a legacy in her wake that has anal casting teen porn a generation of musicians from the White Stripes to The Horrors.

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She is an icon of style and sound alike and her transformative capabilities within both are utterly enviable: AnOther Woman, indeed. Dazed media sites. We examine the legacy of girl woman whose sexuality is only outmatched by her musical prowess November 06, Text Olivia Singer. Subscribe to the weekly AnOther newsletter. I would like to receive the AnOther newsletter.