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Log In Sign Up. Sexy, Today, and Nope: You're going to get through today. I'm going to nurse you back to health, you just gotta get through today.

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That sounds nice. I like to be nursed And I like young little girl nudi wear 60 nurses possums I assume you were going for sexy nurses costumes? Nope Read Type a message Halloween, Memes, and Sexy: Memes, Sexy, and Nursing: Whats your sexy fantasy?

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Sexy nurse. Meet me in the nurses.

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Ok 10 minutes later Im ready! Me too. Yoo BRO. America, England, and Fake: A freakin rocketship England: Pirate for the good ol' days France: Sexy nurse Russia: Just has an axe in his sexy that may or may not be fake China: A panda Italy: Legitimately goes as a noodle Germany: Accompanies Italy as a meatball Japan: Cosplays Kaneki Canada: A ghost not doin anything this halloween as always.

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Halloween, Hoe, and Hoes: Creepy, Facebook, and Halloween: Facebook, Halloween, and Sexy: Sexy Sexy 00 Frying Sexy Cockroach d. Sexy, Children, and Sexy: Dude, Friends, and Love: Nurses got great spirit for the situation too. Proud of ya buddy! Any sexy nurses?

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Love, Sexy, and Airplane: Memes, Halloween Costumes, and Skull: Vampire taurus: Sexy nurse pisces: I You know you'll have to place IVs You should started school my husband was very practice on me. I still have supportive.

Eff yeah. Get more comics and make your own ones at http: Amazon, College, and Sexy: Sexy Nurses - College Poster - 23 x nurses Facts, Funny, and Gym: Details Messages Mother Kate, really upset that u didn't go to the gym today.

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Unless you are carrying my Grandchild go to the gym and stop eating garbage. Several in fact. Triplets Isn't this great, Mom??

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Now u can buy me sexy nursing bras at Victoria's Secret! Delivered Keep it up with the sarcasm spawn. Close Save to Close New Group.