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View Full Version: Sexiest cheerleader. Which home IS team do hypnotized fuck women siterip think has had the sexiest cheerleaders?

I have to say I think Atlanta's have been the best so far a gorgeous mix of black, white and Asian girls and brunettes, blondes and a red head! I'd say the Falcons were "pretty darn nice" This was posted by the Times. But no one formalises it like the NFL. At college level, cheerleading is a lot more respected. It is a school athletic, acrobatic sport practised by both men and women — there are competitions and a degree of parity with the athletes on the field. In college sport no one is getting paid. But move up to the cheerleaders leagues and the salaries are generous for most, while the superstars of the game earn millions each year.

Not so the cheerleaders. Practice sessions and rehearsals are all seemingly unpaid. Not surprisingly, the images cases now being brought centre on whether the teams and the league have breached US minimum wage legislation. Except that is not true either. The NFL survived for years without objectifying young underdressed, sexy women during the gaps in play and not every franchise believes in them.

If London does gain an NFL team who are permanently based here, I for one hope that the cheerleading is left to the fans at Wembley and no one else. Temporarily closed pending a chat about this one. I read this too, not sure who rattled his cage!

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Does anyone know who the six teams are? Cheerleaders do nothing for me, I ignore them. But I certainly don't object to them. If girls choose to do it of their own free will, and people want to look at them for the record, in my own experience I've found women get more excited about cheerleaders than men then who cares? Cheerleaders author is an idiot. I can't for the life of me, understand how a guy at a sporting event, or anywhere for that matter, can't or doesn't want to appreciate some hot chics in cheerleading outfits.

Come on. In the grand scheme of things, they are just a minor part to the atmosphere of a game. I barely notice where they are. However, when I school see them up close, I'm like, "alllrrigghht". It last for a few seconds, then its back to the game. Who the heck is going to look at them and be like "oh they don't belong here". What a joke. And on college cheerleading, which is definately more elaborate, while the girl cheerleaders want guys there to throw and catch them, most guys wouldn't get caught dead being a "male cheerleader".

Its like you have to give up your manhood while filling out an application for the position. You can call me sexist if you want and I am completely fine with that. NFL cheerleaders is just like the sprinkles on the icing. What a moron. Get them out of there! Personally I agree with CD about them - notice them go by in breaks, like what I see and then get back on with the game I'm gutted the Dallas cheerleaders aren't coming over in a fortnight high, but I think the Jacksonville girls will make up for it!

Some good fellow took some videos for us yesterday at the game so that we could ponder this topic a little more: Well, lets check them out: Yeah I am a fan. And below each and every one of those heads is a smoking hot body. But yes, I am sure the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the best. The Jets licking penis tip gif the most recent team to add a squad.

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As for the subject, High think we need a more detailed investigation into the matter Cheerleaders are just. Kind of 'meh'. I don't submitted amatuer bed sex any problem with cheerleaders, and equally you high remove them from the league entirely and I'd not bat an eyelid.

They are essentially irrelevant to the game.

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In all honesty i'd rather look at Mrs HST than the any of the cheerleaders, but accept that they love their role and do it well. All I think is that they images be better and equally rewarded for their efforts, across the league. Was Mrs HST looking over your shoulder as you typed that?

I'm sorry, you can't just make statements like that high posting pictures: It does seem pretty bad form how little they're paid, it seems there's been a few cheerleaders three asian girls nude filed lawsuits recently because they're not even receiving the minimum wage.

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Hadn't cheerleaders about the story before but it seems Buffalo don't have cheerleaders atm either since operations were suspended after five former 'Jills' filed a lawsuit earlier this year over not being paid I wouldn't argue that it should be banned or that its inherently degrading to women but surely it can't be too hard for a multi billion dollar industry to ensure that cheerleaders get a reasonable wage.

What's sauce for the goose, etc? School for the goose!! They actually aren't trousers they are shorts. NFL are the same, just the socks go up all the way. Take a look at these college unis: The actual phrase is "What is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander". We're all used to shorts being: We are certainly one. I'm glad we don't have them. Jonathan taylor thomas feet Pittsburgh Steelers are a blue collar, no nonsense, plain and simple football club.

No razzmatazz. Our players don't run out onto the field through helmets or other gimmickry, and there is no smoke or other images garbage. We don't need glitz and glamour off sexy field, I would rather we do our talking on the field. I will leave all the fancy stuff images the Cowboys. All very much traditional teams in the same mould as us. Might be no nonsense or razzamatazz, but these are all very northern teams - not sure I'd want to have little on in that climate! Detroit is a dome though. And while the Giants don't, the Jets do.

Sums up perfectly the differences between the 2 NY teams. Yet wouldn't the Jets typically be considered the more 'blue collar' team in New York? Buffalo has cheerleaders, Vikings sexy cheerleaders and have moved outdoors. Patriots have cheerleaders. They just dress up more when its cold. I just can't for the life of me understand this view point. What the heck is wrong with hot women being around? Equally, what's wrong with enjoying the sport for the sport?

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They're no more essential to the sport than mascots or a pre game flypast. They don't make or break the sport. They are just eye candy on the side. If you want to look, they are there. And if you don't, you are free to look at whatever you want. If you saw some hot chic in the stands sexy getting some food, would you also be like, "that doesn't belong here this is sport!

You are a fan of a sport where we celebrate big hits that quite often lead to injuries. Its pretty barbaric. Acting like we are too civilized to appreciate some hot 20 somethings prancing around with pom-poms is beyond me.

Appreciate it for what it is. All these things, the banners, music, mascots, crowd noise, sights, etc, add to the atmosphere. The school of it, the better its going to be. I love the UFC card girls and glad they have them.

Sometimes the 3 seconds they are on the air is more exciting than some of the fights.