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Funny Happy Birthday Meme Brace yourself. Happy birthday memes are coming. Happy birthday this much. I was going to skinny old man naked you a rum cake for your birthday.

Cake eatin time. Another year older. As still as sexy as ever. Happy age advancement day. I suppose congratulations are in order? Stay gangster. Happy birthday. I know your real age.

Happy birthday! I hope your birthday is as awesome as your crazy in high school. Do you know what rhymes with happy birthday? You little spoonful of sugar. Touch my cake and I will cut you. Happy birthday gorgeous.

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May your birthday cake be moist. Just another year closer to being that crazy cat birthday Happy birthday dumbass. Tried to make good birthday chemistry joke. But all the good ones argon. Eat all the cake. You deserve it. The number of happy birthday memes on your facebook wall is too damn high. Lord Jesus. From one superstar to another. Girl birthday homie. Word to your crazy. And believe me. No one can wish you a better happy birthday happy me. Bacon lover. Happy birthday gorgeous! May your birthday cake sexy moist! Happy birthday happy sexy beast.

But ladyboy handjobs birthday. My pretty. From your favourite cousin. And you just read that in my voice.


You sexy beast. Alright alright alright… Happy birthday. Smooches from Donald on your birthday! Happy birthday Jen-nay. Happi birfday! Oh girl. Happy birthday!!

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You mean new personal record for number of days lived. Birthdays are good for your health. Studies show people who have more birthdays live longer. When people sing girl birthday to you. And you just sit there like… Happy birthday. I nose it will be good. Happy birthday you dirty pirate hooker. Tiny curvy girl nude do believe… A happy birthday is in order.

Happy birthday sister in law.

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Another year of surviving my brother. I left my pregnant wife… a happy birthday card. Happy birthday Mike.

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I Googled your baby picture and boom! Smart, good looking and funny. But enough about me. Happy birthday, okay? So like happy birthday bitch. Obama wishes you a happy birthday. I was going to drink anyway. Wish you a happy birthday? Happy birthday bro. Male sibling. In 3,2,1… Happy birthday princess.

You look almost as good as I do. Your birthday it is. Celebrate you must. Everything else is irrelephant. Happy new ye… Birthday. I mean happy birthday. Happy back like a boss. Happy birthday ya filthy animal. Y u no drunk yet?!? Is your birthday? Happy times! High five! Yo dawg. I heard you like happy birthdays. Sexy I decided to say happy birthday on your birthday so you can be happy on your birthday. Without facebook. I just wanted to eat. But you lit my food on fire.