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I was going to ask you to suck his cock too, but I thought that might be pushing it. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Make me: Visible to all Visible to sex Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

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Her name is Vicki. She is fifty, with the body of a thirty-year old I always tell her how hot she is Thanks to my wife, we have a beautifully decorated home in the suburbs.

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In the summer months, Vicki loves to put a bikini on and work in the yard, tend to her garden, and stories a tan. One day last summer while Vicki was in our back yard, I happened to look out the kitchen window. Then I thought to myself, mmf just swept it yesterday.

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Does Gene have a clean driveway fetish? I doubt it. I think I should mention this; my property sits on an acre, and is lined with big evergreens on the east side, as well as in the back.

The only neighbor that can see into my back yard mmf Gene. Curious to see what was really going on, I walked back to the sunroom and looked out the window. At mmf, I was really pissed, but that thought quickly passed.

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I understood what motivated Gene to come out and gawk at Vicki, she is hot and he was horny. While Gene has stayed in great shape, his wife Tammy quit trying a long time ago. I feel bad for the guy. At this point, Vicki has an audience of two.

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I continued to watch Gene just stare my wife and rub his cock, and I began to stare at her myself and rub my cock. I quickly worked myself into a sexual frenzy, fantasizing that my wife was walking around our yard naked, looking at Gene while she played with her tits and fingered her pussy, and watched him rub his cock, get it real hard, and then pull it out and jack-off while he watched her… That thought took me to the edge, and I shot my load all over our glass cocktail table.

This was the craziest ten-minutes of my life. Right after I sex my load, Sex was about to get a towel and clean off the table. Instead, I decided to leave it and tell my wife all about it. Vicki walked in about fifteen-minutes after I shot my load. She immediately wanted to know what the sticky stuff was that spilled on the cocktail table. Stories little nervous, I walked her over to the table, and we sat down on the sofa. I spilled the beans, and told her how it all came about. Instead of getting dressed, she left her bikini on and pranced around the house.

I loved watching my wife roam around almost naked, in fact she made me horny as hell again. Vicki, you are so hot!

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The next day was Sunday, and we had the day off. I got out of bed, took a quick shower, and went downstairs. I found Vicki in the kitchen, topless, and that has never happened before. She was making breakfast just wearing a skimpy thong.

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Seeing her, I teased her that my breakfast was standing a few feet away from me. After I said that, Vicki peeled off her thong stories bent over the table. Her luscious pussy mmf invited me in, plus, she knew just how to hang her tits in a sex that drove me wild! Stories had an intense quickie, and then we had breakfast. While we sat at the kitchen table having breakfast, we talked about Gene, and what happened yesterday.

That conversation prompted Vicki share some of her fantasies with me.

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To my surprise, Vicki was well aware that Gene liked to gawk at her and rub his cock, and she was fine with it. Turns out, Vicki feels sorry for Gene too, and has fantasies about letting Gene xxx pics of karishma kapoor her topless in deepika padukone sax xxx yard, and maybe even let him touch and suck her tits. I was stunned!