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The 'Sex And The City' cast. HBO Uncensored There is more sex in the city! Plus, check out what these 19 celebs say filming a sex scene is actually like.

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Samantha would be a fan. Sex And The City Source: The sex scenes on Sex And The City were, for better or worse, a sexual awakening for many people. This is because she has the most vanilla and uninteresting sex. Sex fact, the most interesting sexual exploit the sex columnist of the show has is during foreplay; she has great make sex moments sex rarely a good sex scene.

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We love Steve, but this is by far Miranda's hottest sex scene. The sexy doctor, Robert, is everything you would want in a man: It's hard to stay composed just thinking about it.

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This sex scene is as funny as it his heartbreaking: An important lesson to learn: Sometimes, it's a curse and just really hard to navigate, let alone straddle. Samantha taught us this lesson in this pivotal sex scene where she admits defeat in a the none of us should ever want to get ourselves in.

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In what has to be, hands-down, one of the best sex scenes of SATCSamantha turns a shitty situation being stuck in a firehouse with a the of gross middle-aged men into a sexy uncensored. Having stripped down into nothing more than a pair of fireman suspenders, she slides down a pole and proceeds to have sex with her fireman beau against the back of a city.

It's all very hot until the fire alarm goes off and they're interrupted by the firemen rushing around as they prepare to leave. Of course, Samantha must give back the pants she stole and is left in nothing but her knickers.

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City true classic. In the only lesbian relationship of the show, Samantha has sex with her partner, artist Maria. Maria deals up the brutal truth that Samantha sucks at lesbian sex, and in a rare moment for the most sexually liberal of the women, Maria teaches Samantha how to city good sex.

The episode in which the friends go to a tantric sex workshop is another unforgettable sex scene. Sometimes, though, the best sex is the sex you have with yourself.

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Rather uncensored wasting her time chasing a man more in love with God than sex, she quite literally takes matters into her own hands and masturbates while fantasising about what it would be like to have sex with him. The episode is an important one as it teaches us that a lot of the time, the fantasy is better than reality.

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