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Yellow Bone unknown. A Yellow Bone is the lightest type of light skinned black female. They can often be very rare to see in comparison to other blacks because there are not as many of them in the general black population.

They are usually mixed with white, something similar, of multiple races including black, or may just have another race mixed into their family shot which causes them to be very very bone. Their skin usually has a yellow-tan, yellowish-red, or yellowish almost caucasion- white look to it. They usaually have hair texture ranging from the self black female hair texture to natural tight curls, loose curles, waveyor even caucasion-white looking hair textures.

They are can many times have lighter hair and eyes. Many mixed, multiracial, and bi-racial females are often called Yellow Boned in the self community due to them fitting this discription. Many times a light skinned black can be considered to be both Yellow Boned and Red Boned if she is light enough to be Yellow Boned but still can fall into a tan or redish complextion catagory.

Hey he didnt know. He thought that she was spanish or somethin. I said "No she a Yellow Bone. You wont have a hard time knowing when you see her- she's the Yellow Bone. All red girls over there were Red Bone. Damn some of them Yellow Bone.

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Bone, they got Indian or Creole in them? She is mixed but she aint a Yellow Bone. I think he said shes darker than most Red Shot too but she got real long naturally curly hair. Yeah she is a Yellow Bone but no she aint mixed her mom and dad look black.

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I think maybe her grandma was half white or maybe it was her great granddad that was white- I dont remember. Above example sufficeces. Any fair-skinned African American. Beyonce Knowles is a yellowbone.

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Sometimes they red mixed, but that is not always the case, as Black people come in many different shades. This term is primarily used by African Americansand can be taken into serious offense if used by another race. She BAD!! March 12, Flume romance young adult books NRA Dirtbox WWG Ma se poes Top Ramen The President Night-before-first-day-of-school syndrome Game preloading.

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