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The on-off relationship saga between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continues with Selena oiled a cryptic, emotional photo gomez Instagram, and Bieber posting a, um, not so emotional and naked NOT even a tiny bit cryptic selena to his Shots profile. After clear evidence that Selena and Justin were happily back together - a cute photo of them snoozing side by side as well as snaps of them holding hands on their way to bible study - it seems as and the pair are facing troubles again.

First, Bieber posted some pics of himself surrounded by models and looking pretty cozy. Maybe his new photo habits are a desperate ploy to make Selena Gomez jealous.

Or oiled he's just being really, really weird. Meanwhile, Selena posted a very emo-esque selfie, featuring hair over one eye and an arty filter. The caption: It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along.

Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations. Class never runs scared.

A post shared by Selena Gomez selenagomez on Jun 30, at 2: From our guess, the couple hit a bump in the road of their relationship. Justin decided to run away and act out by hanging with gomez and partying. Selena thinks he needs to calm down and laugh, as laughter is "the best lubricant". That's our selena, anyway, but who the heck knows at this point.

Are these and crazy kids going to end up together?

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