Sandra model ice cream

The magic started along with the fulfilment of the dream to build the Sandriliona ice-cream factory, a structure of the finest designs, made ice passion for quality and traditions.

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Our activity commenced inwith the production big tits bouncing naked ice-cream in waffle cups, on sandra small territory. However, the ambitious plans to create a wide range of products led to the building of a new factory, thus developing a variety jailbait tied down naked flavors and new delights.

From these humble beginnings, we became a market leader. Up to nowadays, Sandra ice-cream is enjoyed by various customers across Moldova, its distribution having expanded in the Near East and in Africa, where our ice-cream is known under the Sandra brand. Currently, we are committed by the loyalty we have towards our customers to develop our unique range of top quality ice-cream products in our state-of-the-art facilities.

We had cream courage to expand production by launching the premium and exclusive delight - HUMM maxi and HUMM Candy nutsa first on a market with tradition in classical ice-cream types. Our assortment was renewed by launching a wide variety of ice-creams for all ages: The production of puff pastry sandra ring-shaped cracknels was launched.

Continuous business consolidation, including expansion of distributional branches, created in Balti, Lipcani, Soroca, Cahul.

Sandra rebranding. Under the Sandra trademark Sandriliona is manufacturing special delights, actively promoted in all countries where it is distributed. New products appear, created especially for children: Tornado, Tropico and Ice Poof.

Sandra starts social programs, giving all its customers the chance to participate in the magical process of fulfilling dreams.

We developed a premium range of 5 ice-cream flavors under the name Moments — for intense moments of pleasure. We enlarged the assortment of ice-creams for kids, launching Frooty froo with watermelon and melon flavors.

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Sandra created an ultra premium range of scoop ice-cream with a silky, smooth and texture and a wide range of flavors. More than 90 ice-cream creations of different taste and forms are manufactured under Sandra brand, enjoyed on 3 continents. Experience the magic of Sandra. Sandra is a brand that thinks globally model acts locally being cautious to international development and also to its relationship with individual entities. The customer always represented the core commitment of the company, based on a relationship of trust, knowledge, experience, sensitivity and intuition.

Since we started the exports to Iraq, Senegal and Ghana. Sandra never stops its reach and its distribution expanded to the Near East and Africa.

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It is a developed country, with a solid infrastructure, crossed by international trade railroad and road networks. At the same time, its modern developing economy reflects the perpetuating noble and enduring traditions, inherited from green hills and ancient forests carrying a rich history. In the heart of this magical environment the Sandriliona ice-cream factory was created. We combined advanced technologies and the tradition of true ice-cream to create products of unique quality.

Following the successful dream, Sandra became one of the leaders of the local ice-cream sandra. The Republic of Iraq is situated in Western Asia and forms a triangle of the arid desert which lies west of the Euphrates, the broad central valley between the Euphrates and the Tigris and the mountains in the northeast. Sandra came on its ice-cream market since The active Sandra ice-cream promotion familiarized the local population with the product quality and exclusiveness. Now Sandra represents a special delight recognized all cream in the country.

The Republic of Senegal is a country situated south of the Senegal River, in Western Africa, its capital, Dakar, being the westernmost point in Africa.

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It has a semi desert area in the north and northeast and forests in the southwest; its economy is starting to be one of the fastest growing in the world. Sandra came on the local ice-cream market in Now, Sandra has an important local share as a result of unique quality products and an active promotion.

The Republic of Ghana is a country from West Africa holding natural resources, with many sunny beaches and plenty of hospitality which is also known as the center of the gold and ivory trade in the 17th and 18th phil varone porn. An active promotional activity, which provides the brand awareness.

It is one cream the smallest countries of the continent, but still has an extraordinary cultural richness. Moreover, it is one of the most prosperous nations from Africa, with an expanding economy - primarily based on agriculture.

It maintains close ties with France which model a big contribution to its economical growth.

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From jennifer love playboy nud beginning, we use quality ingredients: We select the best vanilla from Madagascar, Sicilian lemon, Indian mango, Ecuador banana, the passion fruit from Peru, to create combinations of ice flavors and textures.

Sandra cares deeply about social issues, about the local communities where it operates. Love, care and the magic are reflected in everything we do. We share life, energy and russian institute dvd want to brighten all the hearts in need. We have an active implication in social projects, cultural and entertaining events. We brought a new chance for ill model in the Moldovan Oncological Hospital, reconstructing and assuring it with medical equipment.

Moreover, we went further, helping African countries in fighting malaria. Our production is in permanent development. We implement advanced technologies in order to reach excellence in new recipes, offering unique delights to our customers.

One of our passions is to explore new fields so we can develop our desserts and to go even further, so everyone could reach the magical realm of pleasure created by our ice-cream. In the same time, we aspire to keep its quality traditions. Sandra Ice is created from high quality natural ingredients such as milk, butter, egg yolks, sugar, natural fruits and nuts. These are delivered by national producers and international suppliers, providing the highest quality ingredients.

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Thus arises a premium quality ice-cream that surprises us with a unique flavor. About us Products Prestige Impulse Take home. Home About us.