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Robert Baratheon: I have a son, you have a daughter. We'll join our houses. Arya and Gendry: GameofThrones pic. Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. When the end of the world is nigh, someone is going to end up sex into bed with the nearest, most attractive warm body. And, that is how the Gendrya ship shockingly came in at last. Arya Stark Maisie Williams and Gendry Joe Dempsielong time sex, former travel companions, and cutesy nick-name havers, finally hooked up, causing fans the Twittersphere over to cheer … and cringe.

Was Arya of age for all of this sooty, sooty sex?

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Not only for logical reasons — but, because GoT seemingly figured out the real trick to hot Westerosi sex scenes. Related Stories.

Arya Stark is currently about 18 years old.

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Remember, her big sister Sansa Stark Sophie Turner confirms she is 14 years old at the time of her season 3 wedding to Tyrion Lannister Peter Dinklage. Arya is a year younger than Sansa, making her about 13 during the same season. If we look teenage each season as roughly a year in young characters lives, Arya would be 18 five seasons later in season 8.

Considering all the time jumps and lengthy travel, Arya may even be older than Lesdoggg April 22, In a world where Riverdale 's year-olds are planning threesomes on the stage of teenage high school — and nearly everyone is onto their second or third sexual partner — an ish-year-old woman choosing to get naked with her most trusted and strapping friend is a fairly conservative sexual evolution.

Especially for someone who desperately wants to experience a human connection after years of trying to eradicate that normal part of herself. So we just had a lot of fun with it. Instead, we should focus on just how sexy her hookup was.

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The reason it was so very steamy? Arya naked in charge from the beginning. Sparks, see flight pattern. First, she asks him just how many women he has slept with.

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If you may only get one roll in the grain hot becoming a blue-eyed zombie, you want it to be good, right? So, she kisses Gendry before tossing him into a pile of provisions that make for a perfect stand-in bed. Arya may be a sex novice, but she is the one controlling every single part of this sex scene, down to which positions are on the metaphorical table.

Kiss-happy Gendry is more than happy to follow her lead. You have a daughter. Praise the Old Gods and the New. Not long after Dorothy Jamie Neumann returns rough Times Square after leaving sex work for a new life of feminist activism, she meets an untimely end and is.

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