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Hello once again, to readers bat and new. I've return this time with a new story, which I am a bit shaky on but I like where it is going thus far.

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Still thinking about how I'll treat the abilities that were introduced further up ahead, which I plan to not be an elaborate mess, but what's more important is the fact bat some sex is still happening here, which im more than satisfied with eue and hopefully everyone else feels the same. I dont really see this other character as an OC I would make, but just someone for this type of story, which I planned for more developing purposes than stimuli though later on the, you could say otherwise lol.

Dont be hard to tell me how yall feel about this one. Hope you guys also like the early sexual tensions this time around. Missed that damn bus again!

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So peep game or lack bat ofI got no car and I decided to leave my parents ever since I got a decent job at a fast-food joint. What type of shit was I on? Yeah I make like bucks a week and all, but not nearly enough to get bills paid, then my parents started to go into a retirement home all of a sudden on me.

What fucking luck! Anyways, I hang around the transit station doing nothing. For a bit, then I got back to doing what I do best: Snaggin' pics of some hot-ass chicks. Even some good lookin' anthros, I don't discriminate.

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Since it's night-time, and a good amount of girls are walkin' around, felt like the perfect opportunity for this lonely-ass guy. So I acted aloof while taking some pretty snazzy ass-shots, and, the hardest to do, titty-shots. Now what I do is walk up to signs with bus numbers on them, hold my phone up to my face as I walk in front of her, as hard my GPS is fucked or some shit, then chink.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, trying to resist the urge to play with my meat in public, my bus came up Then I saw a fine specimen walking inside it, with a real nice ass and big tits calling out to me. She was white-furred, had the top of her knockers showing, and had brown, tight shorts. Also hard like three big split-ends falling over in front her face. Speaking of the face, she was a pretty lil' thing, but she seems a bit mad about something.

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Imma take a closer look at her with my dic- ahem phone Yeah, I'd ram that. She sat, looked out the window to take her mind off of whatever she has on her mind, leaning up on it. I sat next to her, trying not to look as sus as possible to her, til yknow I felt it was the time to take pics of her hot ass.

What ev. I got some good shots, 10 of 'em even! Mmmmm, Im so jerking it to 'em tonight!

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I chuckle to myself, which was apparently enough to make one of her eyes rouge to me, catching me in the act, "Hey! She was stunned at what she saw then I took the phone back.

Anywhere but here. Looks like I'll have to walk the rest of the way to the next station" I said to myself, and pissed about how I gotta walk this late at 9: After walking down the street for a good hour, and see a really fine piece of anthro-ass running at me Let's meet at the bench on the other side. Good luck with losing sex cops ; " she said to me before picking up her pace I gotta run for it!

After a minute of tiresome running, I ended up running around the building as the hot-ass, white-furred anthro wanted. Catching my breath, I took a seat at that bench. A shady woman in Of course, being the lonely perv I am, I notice them big round melons that stand out, looking like one of the Mobian anthro citizens Or so I thought.

Seems we threw off the fuzz though, they're nowhere in sight. You look a bit tired" she said to me, in a rather sexy voice, as if she wanted to blow me in public Which I wouldn't mind honestly.

I looked around, sex sure she meant me, "Yeah. I got kicked off the bus earlier. Now Im out here, trying to walk the rest of the way home.

Shit really sucks" I briefed to her, giving her the bag of jewels, "Oh my. You poor thing you. I cannot imagine why anyone would kick out such a fine youngster like yourself" she says with a smile, " Is she really horny or something? Even with those glasses sex, I can see that makeup, which has gotta be the best I've ever seen on a girl.

I wanna guess she's a prostitute or something, but she's dressed rather professionally. Though this is the city. Heheh, I won't even tell my current job that Im done flipping burgers. And she called me a youngster? What is she, pushing an age of 30? In fact should I ask? Nah, that usually burns a girl's ass when you ask for age. Ultimate got in mind? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd wanna go with her and all, but I just met her. Then again it's for the sake of a better job, with weekly four figures as pay, mind you.

I know, way too good to be true. You can take me this high up with no prob?!

Nude rouge the bat

We'll see who's rouge when she gets a load of my dong. Im so giving it to her when I get to her place. Then again, she's an anthro bat sooo. Not sure how to feel the that, but all this sure does beat the piss outta walking home. She's going at quite the height and speed. Upon landing at her house, which blinds in rather well with the others, she asks "Mind if I tack on one more condition? Uuuahgh, what is it?

I sighed to myself, thinking " Am I gonna have to help with crime just to get in her fine-ass? What ev, I am already committed to go down on her anyway ". Rouge opens the door for us and I follow, but she suddenly stops. What's up now? This orange skin is really silky and just beautiful.

Slowly doing this is making my mouth water. I take the rest of the coat off before another piece of her dialogue makes rouge cream my pants, then I hang it on a rack as she puts down the bag. It's nice to thick black girls threesome a man home for once" Rouge teasingly said while stretching, " I really feel the if she wants me naked young teenage girls licking pussy cum on her several times now.

Like could you sound any hornier? I will be upstairs" she adds before walking upstairs.