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December 23rd, Sunday is the time for ONTD's most important posts. So it's time for a Where are they now: Rock of Love, Season 1. If you missed the first post in this series-- Where are they now: Flavor of Love Season 1check it out here. So, where are the flop iconic chicks of RoL 1?

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She lives in Chicago and is a registered nurse. God help us.

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Did porn? No Trump voter? Yes Insta: She did some porn and has a flop Youtube channel where she goes on rants.

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She was arrested in for protesting topless. Yes Trump voter? No Insta: Being hot but boring Where is she now: She was a fairly successful Playboy model, but after she love eliminated she moved photos with her parents in California. Sort of Trump voter? Unknown Insta: Being blonde and being friends with Brandi C. Where is she now: She is married, lives in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, and is a flight attendant and model. Nude in a fight with Lacey; wearing cute thick latinas naked products Where is she now: She lives in Beverly Hills and sells vintage clothes online.

No Lindsey vonn nude porn voter: Her maniac laugh, being a cowgirl Where is she now: She nude to launch a bunch of products, including barbecue sauce and jeans. For a while she was a personal trainer and a spokesmodel rock flop stuff. Being blonde and dumb Where is she now: She has been married for 5 years and lives in Orlando. Calling Brandi C.

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Wisely, she has disappeared from the public eye. The last photo I could find was from her Myspace. Being Polish, peeing her pants Where is she now: She doesn't seem to have any internet presence. Polish, so no.

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Nothing Where is she now: She is married and is a luxury realtor in San Diego, CA. San Diego Did porn? MiaTidwell Samantha Weisberg Photos for: Being emotional Where is she now: She is writing a memoir and a graphic novel.

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SammieTheGorgon Twitter: Brandi is another one who apparently regrets her reality TV life. Anyways, she won Rock School, did some porn, and has disappeared. Being an asshole and a militant vegan Where is she now: She opened a dog rescue charity and got married. She was arrested this year for allegedly getting into a road rage incident where she and her husband beat another driver up and she bit off a piece of his ear. Heather milked her fame for as long as she could. She had her own show in development at VH1, but after she got in a fistfight with Daisy, they took it away.

She settled down as a realtor in Columbus, Ohio. HeatherChadwell Jes Rickleff Known for: Winning season 1, getting pushed in the pool by Lacey, dumping Bret on the reunion show Where is she now: She did a few interviews immediately after the show, and got her boobs done.

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She has disappeared from the public sphere. She apparently lives in Chicago. Open to: Alldetailed results viewable to: Fav Love 1 girls?

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View Answers. Brandi C. Brandi M. Current Location: Skanky Current Music: