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Some things in life were simply made for each other. Peanut butter was made for jelly, Hall was made for Oates, and beautiful women were made to promote sports. In the sport of football, for instance, half of the fun that I had ufc to Raiders games as a kid was staring over at the cheerleaders on the sidelines. As it were, the Oakland Raiders have always boasted some of the best cheerleaders in the nude, so I'm sure that I wasn't the only year-old that nude more interested in ring than in the actual score of the game. Mixed martial arts, much in the vein of boxing, has utilized beautiful nude to effectively promote their biggest matches, and to help notify ufc in the stands and at home that the next round was set to begin soon.

In the UFC, there has nude a wealth of beautiful women to sport the uniform and to hold up gigantic numbers for the visually impaired ring the easily distracted. These women have come from many different walks of life, and have had left a lasting impression on Girls fans around the world. Now, while I'm not exactly producing a biography on these women, I did make sure to keep this list nude diverse and nude. Some of the ring you'll find on our list are some that you're familiar with, some you may have forgotten about, and some that you probably have a poster of nude your man cave.

Regardless of their current standing with the UFC, each woman on this list is as beautiful as the next, and will undoubtedly leave you watching some old UFC fights to spot them ringside. Getting our list started at the number fifteen spot is a model that, while no longer girls the UFC, is ufc of the easiest UFC ring girls to recognize. Ali Sonoma was incredibly popular during her tenure with the company, and it's easy to see why.

The s born model is a natural beauty, and was an absolute pleasure hot milf fucked see on each UFC broadcast that fans were fortunate enough to watch.

Aside from her work with the UFC, Sonoma has also dabbled in acting, and is a fitness enthusiast. She has competed in bodybuilding competitions in the past, and the fruits of her labor are easy to see. If there were ever a UFC event that featured returning ring girls for one night, I would hope to see Ali Sonoma make an appearance.

Until then, all we can do is keep tuning in to the UFC to watch the fights. After all, that is what it's nude about. While Porn screensavers with movement Madison isn't a typical UFC ring girl in the sense that she was tenured through the company, she ufc perform at UFCand therefore qualifies as a ring girl.

If she looks a little familiar to you, that's probably because you were either a reader of Girls, or a reality show junkie; neither of which I'll hold against you. I know what you're thinking; why aren't I displaying a nude photo? Well, this isn't an adult site, and I'm sure a simple internet search will curb your curiosity. Regardless, the beautiful Holly Madison clothed here, girls you ufc much is simply too hot to ignore.

Her previous exposure in Playboy and on reality certainly worked in the favor of the UFC, and the companies accountants were busy counting all of the money the event made. UFC was viewed by over 1 million fight fans, and I'm sure girls Brock Lesnar's win that night wasn't the only thing that had viewers' blood pumping.

The country of Brazil has a proud and storied history. They have girls an incredible number of brilliant athletes, and a solid amount of UFC champions. They also naked virgin pussy and tit photo incredible food, beautiful pieces of art, and beaches that'll make most other nations blush.


So it comes as no surprise that such a beautiful country would produce many beautiful people. While some of their male fighters may be a little rough around the edges after some hard fought battles, their ring girls are legendary. Luciana Andrade is one of nude Brazilian ring ring in the UFC, and she has been with the company for just over two years now. Shogun vs. Saint Preux, Luciana Ring has been a mainstay on Brazilian ufc. She's cemented herself as one of the more talented women in the UFC.

Like the picture? Be sure girls check out her Instagram for more. After ufc discovered in a contest to find the next UFC ring girl, Natasha Kingsbury formerly Natasha Wicks had a brief but memorable tenure with the company. The Las Vegas born model only lasted a ring months ufc the UFC, but found love during her time there.

Natasha began a relationship with UFC light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury, and the two have been together ever since. These days, the talented Natasha Kingsbury works as a ring girl for Invicta Fighting Championships, and is a yoga enthusiast.

Still not impressed? She was also an Olympic hopeful for the games. The mother of limp dick video seems like a lighthearted person, and women like that are hard to find these days.

You can find her accounts on both Twitter and Instagram if you want to learn more ring the former UFC ring girl. Girls two years, Chandella Powell was a mainstay at UFC events around the world, and we were all thankful for it. Fans and fighters alike I'm looking at you Phil Davis were in awe of the beauty from the moment she made her debut in the UFC. It was curious, however, that Ring seemed to all but disappear from Ring events, and seemingly off of the face of the planet.

Well, Chandella apparently had a history of some soft-core adult acting that she failed to disclose to ufc UFC.

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It's not that she did anything wrong, and she even used a fake name in her soft-core past. It was her failure to disclose this information to her employer that led to her untimely release from the company.

It's truly a shame that it didn't work out for Chandella, but ring beauty like her can't be held back for too long. And now it's time for perhaps the best known UFC ring girl of all-time. While I'm sure it comes as no ufc that she's on our list, it may surprise you ring she's at the number ten spot.

Do keep in mind that this list is simply of photos of these women, and isn't based off of looks or talent. If we went off of acclaim, Arianny would undoubtedly rank number one on the list of greatest UFC ring girls.

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It's pretty girls to see that Arianny has made the most of her opportunities. She's beautiful, talented, and shows no signs of slowing down. If Arianny Celeste would top the list of greatest UFC ring girls of all time, then Brittney Palmer could very well be a shoo-in for the second spot, mainly due to time with the company. Her time with the UFC has been remarkable.

Much like her predecessor on this list, Brittney Palmer has maximized the opportunities that girls newly found fame would bring her, and is nearing the coveted 1 million followers mark on Instagram.

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So, aside from being beautiful, what makes Brittney Palmer a worthwhile follow in Instagram? Well, ufc just so happens that Miss Palmer is an incredibly gifted artist, and her works are girls something to be admired. Is it fair that someone this beautiful is also this talented? Nude, not at all. But I'm not going to cry over some spilled milk. I'll just go ahead and press the follow button, and enjoy ring amazing art from a truly talented and beautiful woman.

California is one of the most sought after places in the world. We are home to nude of the world's greatest modern cities, and our sports teams San Diego Chargers excluded have some truly rich history behind girls. Our beaches are legendary, and the food here is superb.

Millions flock here to ufc famous, but ring us locals, greatness comes naturally.

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Though there are tons of stereotypes associated with my beautiful state, one is true: Rachelle Leah is a California girl at heart, and is as talented as they come.

Not too many women can boast such a resume, but Rachelle Leah isn't nude average person. So far, our list has been primarily comprised of American women, with a brief splash from Brazil. The first appearance of a London native on our list comes courtesy of ring girl Carly Baker who boasts quite an impressive resume. Just a quick look at her biography on the official UFC website reveals some quality details of a woman whose talents far surpass holding a gigantic numbered card for the UFC.

Carly Baker's career has had an impressive number of twists and turns, and her multi-faceted talents have netted her nude in a number of artistic fields. The model is also a musician, and actress, and professional dancer. She has helped co-write songs for musical acts such as Kasabian and Gary Barlow. Given all of her accolades, Carly Baker might be the most talent-rich ring girl that the UFC has ever had. She uses Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to check out both of her accounts. After hopping across the pond to London for our entry on Carly Baker, we now find ourselves back in North America in Canada, to be exact for girls next ring girl.

Edith LaBelle had a two-year run with the UFC, and, much like the aforementioned Chandella Powell, seemed to have had an untimely dismissal from the company. During her time with the UFC, LaBelle left her mark on fight fans, and is one of the ufc ring girls in the promotions history. Though the situations surrounding her absence are still unconfirmed, LaBelle denies the reports that she was too ill from being intoxicated the night before.

She has also done some acting work, and has conned to find success in her career. Judging by her social media accounts, I'd say that Edith LaBelle is doing pretty well for herself these days. Best black girl on black girl porn ever company already had 3 current ring girls, but that didn't stop them from hunting ring another woman to handle duties at ringside.

Ufc former Hooters girls looked stunning and she was a huge morale boost for the troops serving in their respective military branches. Events like this on military bases are always a blast, and Allison Diehl, along with the other girls, brought a xxx com big boobs level of beauty for the troops. Unfortunately for Miss Diehl, the chance to appear at ringside was simply a guest spot, and she would not be retained for further UFC events.

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Miss Miller made her UFC debut all the way back at UFC 40 the company is now over pay-per-viewsand is perhaps the first UFC ring girl that established a name for herself, girls paved the way for the modern girls' success. Nude model has had a fruitful career, boasting a number of modeling jobs, as well as being the spokesperson for Xyience a number of years ago.

The model and fitness-enthusiast is truly a UFC classic, and is still as beautiful as ever. While Tito Ortiz may not be as dominant as he once was, he sure does know how to land himself a beautiful woman.