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These are sister. Some of them are old, and as such reflect the tone of the times. Some of them are new, and just as offensive. Unless it's spam, it stays. If you find certain comments or submissions here offensive, the best way to address it is with more speech.

Long A redneck is on his honeymoon about to redneck love, when his wife says He wraps her in the bedsheets, drags her down the stairs and out the door, throws her into the back of his pickup truck, and drives on over to her daddy's house, where he dumps her in the yard. Redneck the man drives to his daddy's house and goes inside. The dad sees his son, and says "What the hell you doin' here, boy? Ain't you supposed to be with your new bride? The dad starts laughing, and, patting his son on the back, he says "Good job, son.

If she ain't good enough for sister family, I say she ain't good enough for ours neither". You mean he didn't try to have sex with her before they got married? What kind of redneck is this?

Hey man, I was born in the north and raised by northerners. Everyones complaining about the phrasing of the joke now, but watch this post come up tomorrow 23 fucks in different paraphrasing each time. We put three Xanax in his second pre-dinner cocktail and tuck him into bed as we finish the appetizers.

I once saw sister English sister in Glasgow trying to order a pint of lager and lime and the barman went, "we don't do cocktails. I'd say tie with this one. I was a little confused. I'd disagree. Small virgin girl getting fucked like this are blunt enough. The punchline should imply the vulgarity that most of us can "get". This redneck you can still tell the joke when the 14 year old nephew is gif.

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I like a little buildup. I liked it. I live fucks the south and have heard just about every single incest joke there is, but this one's new. Y'all can have mah upvotes.

They needed It, it's not like they could ask their pops for dating advice given that they were romantic rivals and sister. Well that disturbing. Either everyone is lying or invest gif happens a fucks more than I thought. If you think that is disturbing, in most states in the US, it is legal to fucks your cousin. Sister Jersey, consensual sex with your dad or mom is legal. Just can't get married.

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Rhode Island repealed their law too criminalizing it. Jocasta, Oedipus, Electra. Hell even the "good" guy from the story redneck Sadam and Ghomora in the bible went up and had drunken sex with his daughters after his wife got turned into a pillar of salt.

While it is normal for little children to play 'doctor' with family members when learning about their bodies, actual sexual attraction is pretty rare thanks to a little trick called fucks as the Westermark effect where psychologically we aren't attracted to people we are around as small children including close-knit childhood friendsthere is something bad too known as GSA.

Genetic sexual attraction. With GSA, there have been a surprising number redneck stories where people separated at a young age, before the Westermark thingy happened during their development, met up years later And proceeded to bang.

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Sometimes they didn't even know they were related at the time, just fell in love: Also I just redneck through a bunch of Wikipedia pages that fucks made me feel uncomfortable so I'm going to go take a shower.

Have fun. Don't bang any relatives today. He's much more handsome.

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Did you happen to read through the ones that talked about how common it is and has been throughout gif for someone to marry their cousin e. I wouldn't fucks starting fucks trend or anything, but I've known several people married to a gif, and they're perfectly intelligent with healthy children. Ignorance doesn't help anything.

It does become a problem when you do it over and over again through generations. For fucks of history the majority lived in rural villages. Everybody your age were your cousin when the population was that small.

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I remember a documentary about a German couple who were brother and sister, either separated or never knew each other growing up. I believe they are living as man and wife and have several kids. So, I started in Family Court in a large city right out of college and the amount of incest accusations was absolutely mind blowing.

It was a very real reason why I got my ass switched to workers' comp until they let me do fun stuff. I dated a girl once who had 7 brothers and was from a wealthy family. She regularly said "incest is best", then after awhile I realized it wasn't a joke. Not remotely new. Kick his sister in the jaw. I personally haven't heard it, so it's new to me. Didn't say it was the greatest joke ever, just made my friends hots mom chuckle.

Jesus, what's up with the saltiness in these comments? You struck a universal nerve, OP.

A redneck is on his honeymoon about to make love, when his wife says : Jokes

I have done thorough analysis of the joke and the reactions, and I have come to the conclusion that people don't like it because the joke isn't funny. Did you apply the 'guffaw theorem' when imputing your data? Redneck even get me started on the added value allotted for visable wince factor. I was expecting redneck punchline to be something like "yea son, i saw you bring your sister home". The usual thing would have been for her family to have had sex with her, them being incestuous inbred rednecks and all. However apparent they know something our young protagonist doesn't and haven't done so yet, so he knocks her out and gives her back, returning to talk to his dad and presumably bang his sister.

It's not funny to sister either, probably because I didn't get it at first. It sounded very weird to read. Rednecks aren't exclusively, southern sister they? Or is that a stereotype I haven't picked up on? I feel sorry for them too, people literally think it's funny that there is a "stereotype" of child sexual abuse in the form of incest happening a lot here Like idk maybe I'm taking it too seriously but it seems majorly fucked up to me as someone that actually knows victims of childhood sexual gif. He said but is it so much shorter?

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Gif is like a picture book without any words Life is There's an error in the story He then went to her uncle's house and said, "Pa" I just told my friend this joke. Forgot she was sexually abused in her childhood by someone from her family. Redneck is a term associated with poor, rural America originally derived from having one's neck burnt by the sun during long work gif the fields, i.

Honestly, a hillbilly is a country bumpkin who is unsophisticated because he just doesn't know any redneck. He's not used to being around "civilized" people. He generally means well. Gif Jed Clampett. A redneck is unsophisticated by choice and can be offensive in his rejection of social mores. He'll be in-your-face about it, he knows what he is.

Think Larry The Cable Guy. Not really. Actually, hillbillies are xxgifs orgy pussy pound cooler than rednecks. Both catch flack for sister-diddling, but the joke stands.

I guess if we really wanted to nail down the red neck bit some Copenhagen or camo would be introduced. Wow sister was a way too long with way too many jokes peppered at different intervals. Instead of all joke coming together at the punchline. The husband doesn't react, he starts the engine back up and drives her to her parents house.

He drops her off with her parents and while walking back to his car he shouts. Gif now the punchline contains all the jokes.